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    Replacing a color on all/multiple layers


      I have 240 layers which are the frames for an animation.  The animation is of a rendered CAD model on a white background. I want to change the background color to a specific RGB color (or transparent) to match the website bg.


      Is there a way I can replace one color with another on multiple (or all) layers in one operation?  I'm using Photoshop CC.


      I can't re-render the CAD - too expensive.  I also can't change the website bg - it's the company style guide.


      Thanks in advance.

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          GeoffDaly Level 1

          Hi for anyone who is interested I found a solution.

          1. generate the animated gif in photoshop (see http://www.briandalessandro.com/blog/create-an-animated-gif-in-photoshop-cs5/ for help)
          2. Open the gif in Fireworks CS6 (as I have a CC license I downloaded this - never used it before)
          3. Save as...
          4. Choose animated gif type and select Options in the save dialog.  An image preview windows opens.
          5. on the options tab, under the color palette there are transparency selection dropper buttons.  Select the "Select transparent color" dropper button (the leftmost of the three).
          6. On the preview image to the right, select the background and it will turn transparent checkerbox.
          7. OK, save.  Done.


          It doesn't replace the color as I set out to do, but being transparent does the job for me.