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    New Computer with Upgraded Software


      I have a new computer with the Photoshop and Premiere Elements version 11 installed.  On my old computer I was using Photoshop version 5 and Premiere version 3.  I am able to backup my tagging in the organiser, but it simply won't import into the new version.  Do I need to uninstall version 11 on my new computer, upgrade the old computer and then somehow transfer this to the new computer for everything to work properly.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Ask in the PSE/ PRE forums for specific procedures. It may however simply not be possible due to the huge version jump.



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            PrintFusion45 Employee Moderator

            [Moved the discussion here for better help]

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              99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              From PSE6 onwards a different database was introduced. But it is possible to convert the catalogs from earlier versions and even from the very old Photoshop Album software. The Photoshop Elements Organizer is now called Elements Organizer as it is shared by both PSE11 and PRE11.


              http://helpx.adobe.com/photoshop-elements/kb/common-catalog-issues-upgrade-elements.html#m ain_Diff_Elements345


              There is no need to uninstall from your new computer. There are two possible methods depending on the number of files you have.


              (1) Install another copy of PSE11 (not PRE11) on your old computer (you are permitted two installations) and during installation agree to upgrade your old catalog. You can then use backup and restore if you have an external hard drive. The back up from the PSE11 organizer on your old machine will make a physical copy of all the image files and the catalog (your tags and collections etc) although I’m not sure whether collections get converted to albums. When the back up is completed you launch the PSE11 Organizer on the new PC and  start the restore process.




              (2) If you are only interested in preserving your tags, you could select all the thumbnails in the PSE5 Organizer (Ctrl+A) and from the File menu choose:


              Write Tag and Properties Info to Photos


              Wait until PSE5 completes writing the metadata and then copy all your pictures folders to your new PC. Then use File >> Get Photos & Videos >> From Files & Folders and agree to import all suggested key words etc.

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                JMK22 Level 1

                Thanks 99jon,


                I have installed PSE11 on the old computer, but the fun hasn't stopped there!


                I am now having lots of difficulty getting the data across.


                I had already made sure my PSE5 was in good order and backed it up.  It's saved on an external hard drive, and this process seems to work rather smoothly.


                I have tried restoring and converting in PSE11 and I seem to be able to restore, but the conversion part gets about a third of the way through and stops.  You don't get a specific error message, just a direction to refer to an article on troubleshooting catalog conversions.  I could see there that others before me have experienced the same issue, but there didn't seem to be one solution to the problem.  For some people, they have converted their photos/tags manually and for others it just seemed to work the next time they tried it.


                The weird part is that in PSE11 a small group of folders containing photos has come across, but these were not selected by me specifically, they had simply appeared, and I am concerned that there may be a background problem, because none of the tagging or categorising seems evident.  The photos were in the same catalog that I am attempting to convert.


                I have run out of ideas and concerned that much of the work I had put into categorising and tagging my photos may be lost.


                Do you have any suggestions?




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                  JMK22 Level 1

                  I have now also tried not only backing up to an external drive, but also restoring to a separate folder within the external drive hoping this might help.  But again only the same result.  The conversion gets to about 45% and then errors.


                  I am tempted to export from PSE5, and hopefully I can import or paste into PDE11.  But I'm nervous about this because when you select export in PSE5 it asks if you're sure, and I'm just not sure.



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                    99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    I would try writing the metadata using the PSE5 Organizer (method 2) and then move your folders to the new computer and the tags will move with the images.

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                      JMK22 Level 1

                      Hi 99jon,


                      Followed your advice and got PSE11 all set up on the new computer.  Now I have to figure out how to use it!


                      One thing I have noticed is that my photo files seem to be recorded twice, although there are no double photos.


                      On the left hand side under folders I have the following files:  My Pictures/Canon Camera/and then all the years with their sub folders for the months.


                      Underneath that (separate) I have another group of files:  Computer/C/Users/Julie/Pictures/Canon Camera and then all the sub folders.


                      I find that when I delete either of these folder trees (thinking of less clutter), all photos are deleted from photoshop.


                      I can continue on, but thought it was worth a mention.