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    Strange happenings

    jptphotography Level 1

      Can some one please help. I am running InDesign CC and working on a brochure which will become an app. I have copied information from the brochure I have already prepared and had printed. As I am working on the app version, I am adding more content and interactivity. The app is in 8 different sections which will all be uploaded when complete. On one of the articales which is about 5 pages long, when I try to add a rectangle frame it opens the brochure indd document that I copied some of the information from. When I try to close this document it just opens more of the same. I have to close the indd doc I am working on before I can close the anoying brochure indd doc.


      Any one have any ideas, my son and I are out of reasons why this could be happening. We can not continue with the document until this has been fixed.


      Jim & James.