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    RIP with same color conversion as Adobe




      for the color conversion of our images and pdfs we use Photoshop and Idesign (What I´m talking about here is to put an input profile, a rendering intent, and a output profile).

      99,99% of the time we use relative colorimetric with black point compensation to do the conversion. So we use those 2 applications as if they were rips.

      I must say that we are very happy with the results.


      What we are looking for right now is trying to automate that process.

      We have been using a rip called Colorgate Productionserver 7. This rip have hot folder workflow (wich is what we want) BUT the color conversion is not the same as the one that Photoshop and Indesign have (using the same input profile, rendering intents and output profile).


      We have been doing much testing with rgb images and we don´t like how this rip converts the images to the output profile.

      It leaves the pure blacks a little bit more washed out than what the Adobe conversion would do and also if you send the image as a tiff file the rip respects the rendering intent of that queue and converts the image accordingly but when you send that SAME image inside a pdf (whether is cmyk or rgb) the rip WILL ALWAYS use the relative colorimetric conversion (without black point compensation) to do the color conversion regardless of the rendering intent that you have in that queue. Indesign honors embedded profiles, rendering intents and output profiles perfectly.


      So what we are looking for is a hot folder-queue based rip that have a color conversion really similar (or the same if possible) as the one of Photoshop or Indesign and have the black point composition option in the rendering intent menu.


      I don´t know if Adobe has a similar product or if it has licensed it´s color management to anyone.


      Thank you



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          John Danek Level 4

          I'm surprised you are not able to duplicate the Adobe settings in your RIP's Preferences.  Most RIP's are able to be calibrated and, in addition to that, should honor color settings from your applications.  I am not familiar with Colorgate, but I would think you would be able to set it up to match your applications, at a minimum.


          Adobe does license its color technologies to most 3rd party RIP vendors under the name "Postcript Level 3".


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            palodislow Level 1

            Hi John I was able to replicate the Adobe settings in the RIP but the final results were not as espected.


            The "Postcript Level 3" info is very helpful. Whenever I see a RIP specs I´ll look out for that.


            Thank you very much



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              John Danek Level 4

              Take a look at calibration options like a spectrometer and a software package like "Monaco Proof" or similar.  X-Rite makes a good calibrator ( now owned by Pantone I believe ).  What was it that unexpected results showed you?  Any color cast?  No contrast?  dull color?

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                G.Hoffmann Level 4

                Hello Palo,


                Colorgate has announced, that Productionserver 8  'utilizes the latest Adobe PDF Print

                Engine (APPE) by default':



                May be you'll get then the desired 100% compatibility...


                I am using version 6. I could stabilize my processes by simplifying the workflows for PDFs.:

                Just one color space for RGB images, just one color space for CMYK components,

                explicit assignment of the two profiles, explicit assignment of the two rendering intents.

                No use of embedded profiles and hopefully no use of InDesign's general color settings,

                which may be in contradiction to the settings in Productionserver. My InDesign PDFs

                are generally made for Leave Colors Unchanged.

                I had discussed some issues with Colorgate: printing of Lab components and printing

                of images by K-only (black and gray inks). The company is cooperative, but it's obviously

                impossible to clarify the extremely complex workflows just by post and e-mail.


                My experiences, which are as well based on two other RIPs (years ago), are laid down

                here, a preliminary version finished just now:




                Please contact me eventually by private e-mail (last page of doc).



                Best regards --Gernot Hoffmann