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    Change color to won't work


      So I rendered a c4d scene, and in it was a tilted plane with the default material on it if you say "create new material". I noticed that the more tilted it was flat, the more gray it appeared, and the more it showed to the camera, the more white it was, so I figured i'd try to fix it with change color to in after effects, however it will not work and nothing happens. if I change the change hue to change hue and lightness, I see the desired color I want in the background, but it completely messes everything up. I need an answer ASAP so any reply on how to fix the gray plane thing in cinema4d or my change color to would be appreciated.



      Edit: Extra info

      I have cinema 4d studio r14

      Up to date After Effects CC

      Quicktime is installed

      Im on Windows 7

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Well, no offense, but you seriously should read the C4D help. That's normal specular shading behavior and it is uniform acroos the plane because you obviously haven't defined any scene lights and use the default viewport light. Read up on how to create materials and adjust there properties and then learn the fine art of scene lighting as well as how to use object buffers to isolate objects with multipass renders.



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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Take a look at this tutorial from Grayscale Gorilla. There are more accurate techniques for positioning your C4d elements but the part on color correcting and compositing is pretty darn good.