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    Project gives an error when saving.


      Hi there,


      I'm creating this one page website in Adobe Edge Animate, and since yesterday I encountered a new problem:

      Whenever I want to save, save as, or publish my project, I get the following message:


      ''Edge Animate - Exception''
      ''An error occurred. Please save your work and restart Edge Animate''

      Screenshot 2013-06-28 om 16.30.26.png


      Which is pretty frustrating, being the fact that I get that everytime I try to save my project.

      Shutting down the program and starting it again doesn't change anything.


      I'm working on a Macbook Pro with Snow Leopard 10.6.8, but I've also tried it on my Windows 7 PC.

      In both cases I get the same error. I also updated Edge Animate from 1.5 to CC, but that didn't solved the problem either.

      The project itself is under 5 mb, so I don't see how that should be the problem.


      Is this a common problem/error? Do you need more information?

      Please help, I put alot of effort in this project.


      Sidenote: English is not my first language, excuse me if there are any grammar mistakes.



      Tom Gudde