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    Match Frame broken in Premiere Pro CC?

    cscooper2013 Level 2

      So match frame works in CS6, but in Premiere Pro CC, there are a couple odd things happening for me.  When pressing F the Source panel will exibits any one of a few different behaviors (seems entirely random):


      1.  A black frame

      2.  The correct clip, but not the correct (matched) frame.

      3.  Occassionally the correct (matched) frame (usually only the first time I use Match Frame on any given clip in my sequence).  All subsequent Match Frame commands while on the same clip in the sequence will not update to match Source with Program, they'll either stay on the first matched frame for that clip, or go black.


      You can still drag the audio (or video) portion from the Source panel to the timeline and it will be the correct portion of audio (or video), but actually "matching" a frame seems broken in Premiere Pro CC (again, it works in CS6).

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