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    Encore Poster Frame from Premiere Pro/Encore CC

    dkardell Newcomer

      Anyone tried to get a poster frame in a video menu in Encore using Premiere Pro CC?  I never used it in CS6 but wanted to start trying it in my new projects.


      I've used a menu with video buttons, created a poster frame, dropped the timline in the button and it just turns black?   The menu works viewing the video, its just the video button is not working?

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          joshweiland Helper

          Do the poster frames not show up at all, or are they static images (and you want the actual video playing in them).


          If the latter, switch to the "Motion" tab in the "Properties" section and make sure the "Animate Buttons" box is checked.


          It's been a while since I've used video buttons, but I never would drag-and-drop the timeline onto it; I didn't even know that was possible!  I would select the button and use the pickwhip to link to the timeline and chapter, or I'd create the links in the Flowchart panel.  Try one of those options to see if you get different results.

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            dkardell Newcomer

            They are not showing up at all.  If I go into the menu properties and check motion buttons, then when I preview (and render), the images play, however in the editor they are black and not showing the poster. (now when I acutally build the DVD, the menu buttons are playing, I'm just wondering why the Post Images are not showing in the editor).

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              Stan Jones Ninja

              Are you creating animated buttons using the Encore video thumbnail? Or are you trying to get a static image to show in the menu? What I say next may confuse things if you are after a static image.


              You can link a timeline as you describe, but I think  you will avoid some confusion by using Josh's method.


              You can't drop a poster frame into a video thumbnail button. Encore gets the video for the thumbnail from the timelione the button is linked to, starting at the timecode you designate as the poster frame - it is not really an image, but a timecode. When you drag an image onto the button, Encore probably tries to use it, but doesn't, but when the menu is rendered for the build, it then uses the thumbnail animation.

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                dkardell Newcomer

                Trying to get animated button (which again work just fine when I create a DVD).  The Poster Frame just does not show up in the preview window of the editor in Encore.  I was following a tutorial where they dropped the video into the gray frame and it shows a static image (I assumed frame one of the video).  However I am guessing that since I want them animated, that it just takes the first frame (which in my case is black becuase I have fade to white on it).  I just thought I could have a static poster image for an animated button while I was editing but guess you cant.

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                  Stan Jones Ninja

                  You can have the poster frame show, but you must set the poster frame in Encore.


                  When you drag a video onto a button, you create a link from that button to the video. If it is a video thumbnail button, Encore sets it to play a 15 second clip (or length you specify for all animated buttons in that menu) once the menu is rendered. The video starts at the poster frame (which is set to the beginning of the clip, unless set otherwise).


                  See "Set Poster Frame":


                  http://help.adobe.com/en_US/encore/cs/using/WS4BCC1FEA-7C18-4ba2-9AFA-F37170BA3A6A.html#WS 68096EDE-E658-4604-A47B-85DE637D8FB8


                  Usually, you are not putting a whole video; you want a chapter. Pickwhip from the thumbnail button's link to the chapter you want. Poster frame work the same way.


                  There is a complicated workaround for other issues; if that was the tutorial you were watching, it might mislead you for the "ordinary" use of the animated thumbnail and poster frame. If the tutorial does not make sense with what I am describing, provide a link to the tutorial.


                  Edit: actually, the Encore default for the poster frame should be the first non-black frame.

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                    Jim_Simon Legend

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                      dkardell Newcomer

                      Thanks but I know all of that.  You're not understanding my point (and my bad for not explaining it).


                      This is my workflow.


                      I have 14 m4v's that were exported from Preimiere Pro/Encore CC and then imported as timelines inside of Encore.  Each is its own timeline.  Then I have 14 menu items that I have dropped each timline to their own Video Thumbnail.  The thumbnail then turns from Gray to BLACK.  If I preview the DVD, it works just fine.  The video's render for the menu and all it good.


                      My question is I thought that the video thumbnail in the Editor of Encore would have used the set at poster for the "static" image inside the video thumbnail of the Encore Editor and it doesn't.  It looks like it takes the first frame of the video clip as the "static" image while in the Encore Editor.

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                        Stan Jones Ninja

                        I assume the Editor you refer to is the Menu Viewer.


                        I just did a short test. Happened to be in a Bluray project, but not an m4v. Whether I add links to videos using the pickwhip or dragging a timeline to the button, I get the same result: If I set a poster frame to the initial black frame of a video, I see the black. If I set it to a visible frame of the video, I see that frame of the video.


                        Render the menu, all is okay - no black in the motion. However, as long as I place the poster frame to a very different bit of the timeline, I can see that the video with a poster frame set uses that poster frame, while the one that was black uses the first non-black frame to render the motion.


                        The "thing are working correctly" hypothesis would be that your poster frames are not set, or at least are still in the black.


                        There are, of course, a variety of problems that are possible, but if your poster frames are set, it should not behave as it is.

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                          dkardell Newcomer

                          Bingo.  I was brain dead!  LOL.. Since it is very hard to click on Chapter 1, I was adding another chapter to the clip where I wanted the poster to be (didn't really want to do that but thought that was the only way to set a poster frame).  Since the video was still linked to Chapter 1, when I created a poster it was going after Chapter 2 which would still show the "poster for chapter 1".


                          ANYWAY.. LOL.. I deleted chapter 2 and then just did a set poster frame and that did it.  Sorry for all of the confusion, and thank you for the help!!!

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                            Stan Jones Ninja

                            Congrats on seeing that chapter 2! Hard to see when you don't know its there. What I learned from my experiment is that most users would never notice if a) there were no beginning black frame and b) the poster frame was to be set very close to the beginning.

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                              the_wine_snob Legend

                              The Poster Frame is automatically set to Frame 1, as has been mentioned.


                              I find that to Reset the Poster Frame, if there is a Chapter Marker (say #1), if I right-click, on it, I get the option to set my Poster Frame, to where I want it.


                              Happy authoring,