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    Adobe Help Manager Updates – CS6 and CC – wrong versions.

    Andrew_S Level 3

      Ok I have calmed down a bit now. Adobe Help Manger (see image below) informed me that there were updates to the PDF’s.



      So I download two of them, AME and Premiere. I checked the Premiere PDF and saw that it referred to CC. I don't have CC, I use CS6 and that’s the one I want help for, not CC. Maybe Adobe doesn't think that this is a problem. But If I'm looking for help on a particular topic and I find it listed in the PDF, it could well be a feature that’s in CC and not in CS6. For example, Lumetri is in CC and not in CS6. Its no good me looking through a help file only to find that the help does not apply to the version I am using!


      Fortunately (and also unfortunately) I did a complete system backup in April, so I located the old PDF’s on the backup. Unfortunately some of them are many months old and I know there have been a few recent updates to the CS6 PDF’s between April and now, before the PDF’s were updated with CC info.


      From the image below,




      you can see that I actually downloaded 4 PDF’s that reference to CC (I added the _CC to the PDF’s listed here) so If anyone can tell me where I can download the latest CS6 versions of the PDF’s, I'd be very grateful.


      Note to Adobe – Please make sure that when updates are sent out, that they actually correspond to the versions of software which are in use (or keep the old PDF versions safe somewhere.)