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    Warning for producers and users: Adobe Exchange Woes

    TᴀW Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      I think there may be some here who, like me, have submitted (and have

      had accepted) products to the new Adobe Exchange.


      Also, if you are a regular user who has tried to install products from

      the Exchange, you should be aware of this bizarre hurdle:


      If, as a producer, you created your Adobe Exchange product by using the

      Adobe Exchange Packager, and your product targets InDesign, you will

      have selected InDesign from the dropdown of targeted products in

      Exchange Producer.


      What you may not realize, is that this only targets the 32-bit version

      of InDesign!


      What that means is that anyone who tries to download your product from

      the Adobe Exchange Panel within InDesign 64-bit, will encounter the

      following situation: He or she will be told that the product has

      installed "successfully". Yet it will not appear anywhere within

      InDesign 64-bit.


      Instead, it will appear in InDesign 32-bit, which is also installed.


      I spoke to Adobe about this, and there is a workaround for producers

      involving editing the .mxi file. However, I doubt that many producers

      are aware of this at all, as no warning is given, and, on the contrary,

      the impression is clearly given that by targetting InDesign you are

      targetting all versions.


      In short, InDesign users will find that many products on the new Adobe

      Exchange cannot be installed in the new, "convenient" way into InDesign

      CC 64-bit at all. They will always land up in InDesign 32-bit only.


      This is certainly true for Windows. It may be different for Macs -- I

      don't know.