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    Tethered shooting in LR5


      Tethered shooting in LR5 repeatedly disconnects. The camera (Canon 5D connected to MacBook Pro) does not stay connected and it requires restarting tethering. This happens about every ten minutes and while it starts back up this is a serious problem. Did not have this difficulty with LR4.
      I have changed USB cables, deleted sthe preferences, changed ports and have the MBP plugged to power.

      Any suggestions?

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          RikkFlohr Adobe Community Professional



          The Canon 5D is not currently suported for tethering with LR5?  Are you talking about a Mark II or III perhaps?


          Try changing your time-out in the camera to a longer period of time.

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            pmgray11 Level 1

            Rikk - Thanks for the suggestion.  I am using the 5D Mark 11.

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              I'm having the exact same problem with LR5 repeatedly disconnecting the tethered connection at random time intervals. My camera is a 1DS MKIII shooting to a Macbook Air,  Mac OS 10.8.4. Auto power off is set to OFF on the camera, so that is definitely not the issue. Camera, cable, etc. works flawlessy with LR4. This issue first started with the LR5 beta. I had assumed it was a beta issue but it's behaving exactly the same now that I've upgraded to the final release version of LR5.


              Once I restart tethering, the camera is recognized quickly but won't maintain the connecton through a full day of production shooting. LR5 loses the connection about 3 - 4 times during an 8 hour day of shooting with no clear signifier as to why it drops the tethered connection.

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                pmgray11 Level 1

                That is indeed the exact problem I have.  LR5 disconnects the camera from tethering and requires restarting the tethered shooting.  In my typical 2-3 hour session I will have 10-12 disconnects.  This did not happen with LR4.

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                  rsphoto Level 1

                  Latest report after more testing:


                  I've trashed LR5 preferences and restarted. I've tried alternative USB cables. I've changed USB ports.

                  Still getting several random tether disconnects per session.


                  Problem is intermittent, however I do notice that when I change Shot Name in the Initial Shot Name Dialog Box the camera will disconnect while the dialog is open and then most often reconnect when dialog is closed (although occasionally it will disconnect after the dialog closes).


                  This really seems like a software bug introduced in LR5. Very disappointing in such a mature product.

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                    GMatsumura Level 1

                    I'm also having tethering issues with Lightroom 5 CC. Lightroom will randomly disconnect from the camera. No problems with Lightroom 4.



                    Canon 5d m2 (latest firmware)

                    OS 10.8.4

                    MacBook Pro


                    I never used the LR5 beta.

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                      pmgray11 Level 1

                      I also have tried all the suggested changes to no avail.  I do not detect a pattern as the disconnects seem entirely random, causing frequent embarassing delays in shoots.


                      Help Adobe!

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                        Same problem here.  Averaging 5-7 restarts per 5 hour shoot.  Super embarassing.  I can't even get work done - Looking at alternative options with Photo Mechanic monitoring a folder until Adobe can fix this bug.

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                          cliff colgate

                          This happened to me without fail on my shoot yesterday.


                          I'm shooting two models for a LookBook, so i shoot one. She then walks off and whilst we wait for the next my client selects that bunch images, clicks on the <mixed> name button and then gives that bunch of images a unique name/code. But whilst that rename dialog box is open, the camera randomly disconnects.


                          It sometimes reconnects when leaving the dialog box, but it also sometimes comes up with another error box stating that there is a communication error with the 7D.

                          When this happens, tethering stops completely and i have to restart tethering from scratch. Most annoying.....


                          I can confirm that i've had zero problems and that i've shot a *lot* of product using LR5 tethered with my 7D without any problems at all.

                          Seems that for me it's definitely when renaming files, or bunches of files. I've yet to have a chance to explore this further.

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                            pmgray11 Level 1

                            To rsphoto, GMatsumura, and Mattroberts-


                            Have you been able to resolve this issue?  I have not despite prolonged interaction with adobe staff.  The camera disconnects frequently requiring me to restart tethered capture.  It always starts back up promptly but is a real hassle.


                            I have gone through the trouble shooting list, created a new Admin account, to no avail.


                            Anybody have any other suggestions?

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                              pmgray11 Level 1

                              I agree that the disconnects seem to occur more often while entering text for different segments of the shoot.  There seems to be a weak link when using the dialog box that produces the loss of tethering connection.

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                                rsphoto Level 1

                                To whatname can i use?,


                                I'm still having persistent issues with tether disconnects in LR5 as discussed above. My only workaround is to create a keyboard shortcut for the File/Tethered Capture/Start Tethered Capture... menu item.


                                When I have a disconnect I can quickly hit the keyboard shortcut, press enter twice and I'm back in business. One good thing about LR5 is that it connects tethering very quickly, so the downtime is minimal. This isn't a long term solution but it's the best I can come up with if I want to keep using LR5 for production work.


                                I'm hopefull that the next maintenance release will address the problem but I'm also not holding my breath.

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                                  cliff colgate Level 1

                                  Ok, confirmed that this basically happens whenever there is user input of over a few seconds. Whether a dialog box is open, or if you say hit ALT and slide the highlight slider for a few seconds, it will drop the connection.


                                  Let go of the keys and bam, it's back.


                                  And i said before, sometimes the connection completely drops with an error with connection dialog and you have to restart again.


                                  Ok, is this forum monitored? Ot should i post/mail elsewhere?



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                                    Gentle King

                                    I have 2 Mark III's and tethering won't work. It detects the camera when connected. When I press the shutter button it loses connection and reports "camera not detected". I restart and the same thing happens again. LR4 worked fine. I can't shoot tethered at all. A major problem for me too. I guess Adobe is not reading this thread since they aren't answering here. I have a 2010 Mac pro laptop. Mountain Lion.

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                                      I have a disconnecting issue with LR5. I run Canon 1dsmk3 & top of line iMac. I have not had this problem before with LR3 or 4. It only seems to have the "disconnect tethered camera" issue when I mainly use the Crop overlay tool. Maybe some graphic resource issue with the program? I've updated my Camera firmware and have a new cable & everything else is running fine.

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                                        scott-david-weaver Level 1

                                        I've read through many of these posts about the LR tethered connection going dead. I have the same problem but I using Nikon D800. My quick way of getting things going again is to turn off the camera and then turn it back on. LR recognized the connection again within a few seconds. I do not need to tell LR to restart a tethered connection session.


                                        I'm expecting this has more to do with the camera than LR but I'm still surprised that Adobe hasn't nailed this down. Behavior was exactly the same with LR 4, no difference, so it's not specific to LR 5.


                                        The one really bad aspect of this is that when the connection has "died", you're not aware of it till you take a shot. With the Nikons the camera doesn't store the file you just took, it goes off into never never land because LR didn't copy the file. If you're doing stil life it's not a big deal, but if it's people it could definitely be a big deal. Come on, Adobe, let's get this issue solved!


                                        I already spent ten minutes today setting my password after Adobe had that major security breach this week. What the "hack" is the problem, Adobe?

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                                          d.a.wagner Level 1

                                          I'm having the disconnect problem with a D800, D800E and ds1 MKIII. Sometimes I can't even get one shot off before the disconnect. With the D800, I'm now getting sudden program quits.  The D800E looses communication as well as the ds1MKIII (but not as often). Love the program, really hate the tethered issues.


                                          These problems didn't exist with LR4. In fact, I've returned to shooting in LR4 (no grid like LR5) because of it's stability shooting tethered. I have another thread on this topic running on the Lightroom Forum - http://feedback.photoshop.com/photoshop_family/topics/intermittent_communication_with_d800 e_when_shooting_tethered_in_lr_5 -

                                          If we get enough shooters making noise, maybe we'll see a fix?


                                          Could it be a Mac OS X.8.x/Adobe LR5 conflict? I'm going to upgrade to Mavericks next week to see if there's any improvement. Frankly, this really makes shooting tethered a bit of a nightmare.


                                          Has anyone upgraded the OS yet?


                                          Adobe has yet to comment on this issue.

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                                            rsphoto Level 1

                                            I've upgraded my Mac OS to Mavericks and the disconnect problem is still prevalent with my 1DS MKIII. It happens most often when I'm using a Modal Diaog box.


                                            I've also nailed down another tether bug that I've been plagued with in ALL versions of LR:


                                            With Tether enabled, if you delete a capture and trash it, the next tethered capture will stall for a very long time, and then eventually appear but with all metadata unsynced. The gear will continue to keep spinning and LR thinks a capture is still coming in. I usuall apply Develop Settings: Same as previous to all my captures and was very frustrated by having to manually sync the metadata settings after this kind of stall.The only solution is to quit the program and restart.


                                            I never associated the error to trashing a previous capture, but have been able to repeat the bug with consistency. I now wait until after my sessions are over to delete captures.


                                            All the production environments I work in use Capture One. I started out many years ago with Capture One as well but switched to LR as soon as it introduced Tethered Capture. I'm now seriously contemplating a swich back because of these unresolved issues.

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                                              scott-david-weaver Level 1

                                              I'm shooting with a D800 and after about 15 minutes or so between a shot the connection gets lost. As this is still life work it's not a huge deal, fortunately. The solution I use is to turn the camera off and then turn back on. The tethered connection comes back to 'life' in a couple of seconds.


                                              But I do wish Adobe would work this issue out with Nikon.

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                                                I'm having the exact same issue. I never had this much problem tethereing with LR4. The connection often drops when I enter a new file name in tether dialogue box.


                                                I'm using a canon 5dMKIII, LR5, and just realised Macbook Pro Retina running Mavericks.


                                                It seems that it is not particular to any brand / model of camera.


                                                It's wasting time on my shoots, it's really annoying and it's obviously been going on for a few months. LR5 updates don't seem to have rectified.


                                                Do we expect any advice from Adobe? Is this the place to ask?

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                                                  mwillems Level 1

                                                  Anyone come up with any replies from Adobe yet?


                                                  If not:Adobe, please, this is a pro tool used in production environments: can we have a fix ASAP?


                                                  I am shooting tomorrow all day, tethered, and high-pressure shooting with this thing disconnecting from my 1Dx every few minutes sounds like a recipe for disaster: errors will occur, pictures wil get lost.

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                                                    GMatsumura Level 1

                                                    The only workaround to the LR5 tethering problem I found that works was to switch back to using Canon's EOS Utility to tether and Lightroom's "Auto Import". That works consistently. It's a bit slow, but at least it works.


                                                    This is working with a Canon 5d3, OSX 10.9, Lightroom 5.2 on a MBP retina laptop.

                                                    • 23. Re: Tethered shooting in LR5
                                                      mwillems Level 1

                                                      Oh boy. I do not even HAVE Canon's EOS Utility - have never used any Canon software and wasn't intending to. And the evening before an all-day shoot is probably not the idea time to change my entire workflow... but thanks, I may have no choice. Disappointing that Adobe apparently cannot fix this bug. If they at least acknowledged it, that would help. LR is pro software and I love it and live in it, but bugs like this are hartd to swallow. Wish I still had 4!

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                                                        mwillems Level 1

                                                        BTW I too have OSX 10.9, Lightroom 5.2 on a MBP retina laptop; and I use a 1Dx camera.

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                                                          RikkFlohr Adobe Community Professional

                                                          So, reinstall 4.

                                                          It will work just fine on the same machine as LR 5

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                                                            mwillems Level 1

                                                            True, but my catalogs have all been converted to 5. I suppose I could run new lr4 catalogs for this alone, but having several format catalogs and converting betwen apps and caatalog formats also seems like a recipe for errors. Plus, I use the lens auto correction function upon import, and that is missing in 4.


                                                            In a pro workflow, I find that any changes are dangerous, at least when ,ade without thorough live testing.

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                                                              RikkFlohr Adobe Community Professional

                                                              Although my last LR 5.2 Tether job went just fine (few restarts of tethering - no hard restarts) (5dMKII), I always have a Snow Leopard laptop with LR 4.4.1 ready to go JIC.


                                                              Auto Lens Correction... If you disable that does your tethering become more robust? I suspect it will.

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                                                                rsphoto Level 1

                                                                It's been 5 months since I jumped in to this thread regarding serious problems with Tethered shooting in LR5. I fully understand that initial releases of new versions can present bugs. I've been hopefully waiting for point upgrades in LR5 to eliminate the Tether errors and had also hoped that a Mavericks upgrade  might help. Unfortunately the disconnect problems still remain. LR4 had no such problems.


                                                                LR5 Beta has been available since 4/15 and LR5.0 was released on 6/9. I think it's reasonable to expect bugs of this nature to be fixed in a 7 month period of time. As a serious and long time Adobe user it's very disheartening to see an apparent abandonment of professional standards.


                                                                Earlier this week I had a two day, high volume, production shoot with models where we were churning through 80 shots a day. Their was literally no time for errors. LR5 Tethering had multiple disconnects, sometimes resulting in a restart of the program. My patience was exhausted and I finally had enough. The night of the first day I downloaded Capture One 7.1.5 and used it for the entirety of my second day's shoot. It's tethering was rock solid and many times faster than LR.


                                                                I wish I could say that Capture One is the perfect solution but it's simply not for the following reasons:


                                                                In LR I usually convert all my CR2s to DNG which wraps all the metadata into the file. However, while C1 can export DNGs they are not like Adobe DNGs. Any changes to the RAW data made in C1 is NOT bundled into the DNG which makes them pointless for post production workflow.


                                                                It seems like once you commit to C1 RAW processing you've committed to living in their universe which is parallel to Adobe but not interchangeable. After establishing a robust Adobe workflow for a large image library I find this confounding.


                                                                So I'm still sitting on the fence weighing the pros and cons of switching to C1 until Adobe gets it's act together and fixes the Tether issues. For smaller jobs without time constraints, I'll stick with LR. For intensive high volume productions I'll use C1 and will have to figure out a new system for cataloging, key wording, etc across the two worlds.

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                                                                  tunney moriarty Level 2

                                                                  I am using LightRoom 4.4 on my laptop with my D4 tethered. No problems. Then I transfer them into LightRoom 5.2 CC. No problems. I think I am going to get the Nikon WT 5 and then there is no more cables at all. It is good for 590 feet.



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                                                                    I have exprienced the same issue with D800E.. but it's not only with LR .. I think this may be a Maverick issue..


                                                                    I was truying to use the FoCal program to adjust autofocus for some lenses and I could finish the task due to disconnection problems.


                                                                    I'm using a iMac 27" late 2012 and a 3 meter USB3 tether cable... so without touching the USB cable and camera.. I rebooted on the same hardware into a windows 7 64 bit partition.. installed the FoCal program .. and it worked like a charm... no disconnections at all.


                                                                    So my assumption is that this is related to the Mac OS...


                                                                    I had the same issues last year with importing images to LR.. that was solved by using a card reader instead of using he USB 3 cable provided with the camera.


                                                                    Has someone found a soluiton to this issue?

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                                                                      d.a.wagner Level 1

                                                                      Yes, I have a solution, but not a perfect solution. I was having this problem with LR5 before upgrading to Mavericks from 10.8. The best I have to offer at this time is a repeater cable. It's cut down on my disconnects quite a bit, but not completely.  I purchased a 3-Meter SIIG USB 3.0 Active Repeater Cable from Amazon.com


                                                                      For about $40US I cut down on my headaches considerably, but I need need a couple Tylonol from time to time.





                                                                      It's still my belief that Adobe has missed dotting an "i" or crossing a "t" somewhere in the LR 5 code for tethering. It didn't happen with LR4.



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                                                                        Diquito Level 1

                                                                        Well I get the problem using other software too so I don't think the problem is in the ADOBE side but more on the Mac OS side...


                                                                        I was using the FoCal autofocus adjusting software and I still experience the disconnections.



                                                                        • 33. Re: Tethered shooting in LR5
                                                                          d.a.wagner Level 1

                                                                          Here's a link from adobe that solved the problem. I don't know why no one from Adobe has chimed in on these threads to drop the link off. However...

                                                                          It works and it's simple.



                                                                          • 34. Re: Tethered shooting in LR5
                                                                            Shipp Level 1

                                                                            Haven't put it to the test yet but thanks for sharing that info.

                                                                            • 35. Re: Tethered shooting in LR5
                                                                              Diquito Level 1

                                                                              Solved this in my case at least...

                                                                              I used a USB3 hub that provides power.. this did the trick.. so now everything works perfectly between my iMac and my Camera.

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                                                                                pmgray11 Level 1

                                                                                Thanks D.A.; that link finally seems to cure the disconnet problem!!

                                                                                • 37. Re: Tethered shooting in LR5

                                                                                  Hey there.


                                                                                  I have a Canon 5D mk iii, Macbook pro retina, and LR 5. I have gone through every solution on the above mentioned list, to no avail.


                                                                                  This is really frustrating, and it is costing me time and accessibility.


                                                                                  Adobe NEEDS to fix this problem ASAP.

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                                                                                    I have the same problem as heeryta.

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                                                                                      Rommen | Bravenboer

                                                                                      Same problem here!


                                                                                      My setup: brand new Macbook Pro Retina with LR5 and a Canon 5d mkII and new UBS cables. When the camera is connected I take some test shots LR5 loads some images but then it stops and I have to restart the tethering.. I can't even complete a whole shoot.


                                                                                      My plan was to shoot more tethered but I am only getting frustrated.


                                                                                      Maybe Adobe should solve this problem!

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