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    Have others experienced a nightmare in signing up for 3 computers on Creative Cloud?


      Have others experienced a ridiculous nightmare, wanting to register 3 computers for Creative Cloud? I signed up for TWO subscriptions.  Spoke to supporton the phone to do this.  Got all signed up on my Adobe ID.... and have been charged for the second month now.


      I only just realized that I couldn't use Photoshop on my laptop, because I have "exceeded my limit" of reigstered devices.  ON the phone with support, obviously in India, I spun my wheels, and spent an inordinate amount fo time, trying to figure out how to fix the issue... with the agent we couldn't even figure out how to FIND my two serial numbers on the computers, to determine which computer was registered with which computer.


      After more than an hour of this, and the agent consulting his senior manager, he comes back on the line and informs me that I cannot register two subscriptions on one Adobe ID and email!!!


      Then I insist on speaking with the manager.  He tells me the same.  I say why then did they even ACCEPT my two subscriptions on my ONE Adobe ID and email??  When I go to MY ADOBE account, it clearly shows the two orders, and the two subscriptions... and on my singel Adobe ID and email.


      This is clearly ridiculous.


      The manager has now asked me for 48 hours, for him to "discover who gave me the misinformation and when".  I told him that that is their internal issue.  I could care less about WHO and WHEN.  I only care about this issue being resolved, and as quickly as possible.  I will also insist on a refudn of the two months charged for a second subscription that was fraudulently accepted.


      Has anyone else experienced this story, wanting to register for 3 computers (or more)?  What was your coutcome?


      Adobe needs to fix this.