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    If I create a series of edits in one video, can I copy and paste those edits into multiple videos?


      Hi there,


      I've tried doing a series of queries to find out my answer, but I think my knowledge of feature names is not good enough to create the correct search.


      I am in a band & use Premiere primarily to edit our videos together for our YouTube channel. At the end of each video we have a "bumper" of sorts that features tiles of recent videos. Is there a way that I can copy/paste the group of edits/clips/transitions across different Premier projects?


      I know that I can create a static bumper and import that video file. The issue here is that the content will remain the same in the bumpers of every video. I want to copy the animations and text that I've created that says "Watch our latest live performance" "Watch our most recent cover song" etc. The videos that those animations highlight change as the weeks go on.


      Any help you can lend would be most appreciated!