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    How to refer to timeline of createChildSymbol

    Marlene Level 1

      I am adding a symbol (symbolToBeAddedFromLIbrary) into a container element (containerHolder) that is living inside a symbol on the stage (containerHolder)


      var myNewChildSymbol = sym.createChildSymbol('symbolToBeAdded', sym.getSymbol('containerHolder').$('container')


      "symbolToBeAddedFromLIbrary" has a timeline with labels tile1, tile2, etc


      I want to click on an arrow symbol (sym.$('arrow') on the stage and advance myNewChildSymbol to the next label


      My understanding is that I when I use createChildSymbol(), I must specify an element (as opposed to a symbol).

      I am not understanding how to then access the timeline of the symbol that I added. What I am trying to do is this (but it does not work)


      sym.getSymbol('containerHolder').getSymbol('container').getSymbol('myChildSymbol').stop('l abel');


      container is NOT  A SYMBOL so I can't really do this. What then?