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    Filtering replication by agents

    JS Bournival



      I searched on how to perform filtering of what gets replicated on which replication agent.  I found this thread:




      The suggested solution relies on using the Agent User Id field.  But I haven't had any success using it: everything gets replicated no matter what.  Here are the steps I took:








      Replication Agent 1, using User Agent ID 'A' isn't allowed to replicate '/bbb'

      Replication Agent 2, using User Agent ID 'B' is allowed to replicate '/bbb'


      Both user agent ID ('A' and 'B') are users on my author instance, with according replicate permissions for path '/aaa/bbb'.  But these users doesn't exists on both publish instances.


      As admin, I trigger replication of /aaa/bbb.  Both gets replicated


      What am I doing wrong here? How is this 'User Agent ID' thing suppose to work?

      Should the users corresponding to user agent ID exists also on my publish instances?

      Should I also use these users credentials in the transport tab of the replication agent config?


      Thanks for your help.