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    Custom Format Text Field Label AND Custom Date


      I'm creating a form where I wanted each form field to have a label so the end user knows what to plug in BUT when I came to date it became clear that I can only do one or the other, enter a label or select a date format as they're both under the same category selection and you can only choose one.  I found a previous discussion and was able to use the following code to label all the text fields and it also mentioned that additional coding would be needed to customize the date:


      // Custom format script for text field

      if (!event.value) {

          event.value = "Enter Requested Meeting Date";

          event.target.display = display.noPrint;

      } else {

          event.target.display = display.visible;



      Now my problem is that in order to label the text filed I had to do a custom format so I'm unable to select a custom date format.  Instead of getting the error message when the format is incorrect Is there a way to make it so that no mater what kind of date is plugged in, it's automatically reformatted to (mmmm dd, yyyy)?


      I don't know coding and am new to form features so if there is an alternate path to achiving it I'd appreciate the help.