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    Accessing TileList's renderers

      I have a question that should be relatively easy for you veteran Flex developers. I am rendering a series of checkboxes into a TileList component via a dataProvider. How can I enumerate all checkboxes to determine the checked state of each?

      Here is how I generate my TileList:

      <mx:TileList allowMultipleSelection="true" click="handleCheckState(event.target)" id="tlDeptList" maxColumns="10" rowHeight="30" columnWidth="70" itemRenderer="mx.controls.CheckBox" x="10" y="79" width="478" height="229"/>

      I can get the data from the tlDeptList.dataProvider property, but I can't seem to locate where the checked (selected) state for the rendered checkboxes is located. <shrug>

      Thanks in advance...