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    Text boxes and text threads

    Secluded Beach

      In CS4 InDesign, I start a text box and enter some text.  When I hit the "enter" key to start a new line, InDesign automatically creates a text thread to another text box.  I don't want this, and the program never used to behave in this manner.


      Any ideas on what I may have done? 



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          Peter Spier Legend

          Sounds like you might be using the Enter key on the number pad, which is a column break (and if you only have one column per page or frame it moves on to then next one).


          If you aren't using the number pad, chances are you're on a windows laptop and have a bios that maps the two enter keys together, and the behavior will change depending on the state of the numlock key. If that's the case, let us know and we can tell you how to make custom keyboard shorcuts to work around the problem.

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            Secluded Beach Newcomer

            Peter, thank you so much!   Your diagnosis was right on.  I was using the ENTER key on the numeric pad, and by default this Windows XP laptop boots up with the numlock key turned ON.  Using the proper ENTER key corrected the problem right away.


            Thanks again.  I had uninstalled and re-installed twice with no success!!


            Steve B.

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              Peter Spier Legend

              Just want to be sure that the regular Enter key works as a paragraph return with numlock on (it should) and you don't have one of the odd-duck notebooks.