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    remove file extension in a folder.


      HI Forum,


      I have a strange request to you..


      I have a list of files (xxxxx.jpg) in a folder XYZ in desktop.


      I want to remove .jpg extension and leave the file name as it is.


      Is this possible.


      something i got after googling....but no worth.....


      imglist = File(Folder("C:\\Documents and Settings\\Variables\\Desktop\\XYZ").getFiles);

                     imglist.replace(/(.*)\.[^.]+$/, "$1");




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          Your description is unclear.


          If you want to rename the files on your hard drive, make a backup of your folder and then use this code:

          var myFiles = (new Folder("C:/Documents and Settings/Variables/Desktop/XYZ")).getFiles();
          for (var i = 0; i < myFiles.length; i++) {
              var myFile = myFiles[i];
              if (myFile instanceof File) {
                  var myFileName = myFile.displayName;
                  myFile.rename(myFileName.slice(0, myFileName.lastIndexOf(".")));


          If you want an array of file names without extensions, use this code:

          myFolder = new Folder("C:/Documents and Settings/Variables/Desktop/XYZ");
          var myFiles = myFolder.getFiles(function(file) {return myFile instanceof File;});
          for (var i = 0; i < myFiles.length; i++) {
              var myFileName = myFiles[i].displayName;
              myFiles[i] = myFileName.slice(0, myFileName.lastIndexOf("."));
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            shilpa25 Level 1



            dln385, fantastic!!!.


            excellent explanation. The first approach is good to go with.


            I just have a other question. If i'm not using extendScript tool kit,  on which paltform this code can be executed.


            Because I used to live with extendscript tool kit. I just want to share this code to other user who don't have adobi software installed.


            many thanks sir!...