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    Whether to SLI or not to SLI, that is the question.

    Nicol Simard Level 1

      With the arrival of the new PPro CC, the usage of two GPUs is implemented. I was excited when I found out about this but I wondered if we could use NVidia cards in SLI configuration or not. Well, today I have the answer: you get better results if you setup your cards in SLI. Obviously, you must follow the NVidia rules to set up two cards in SLI: same GPU, same speed, etc.


      I tested this with two Titan cards exporting a 21 minute video. With one card only, my computer took 5' 45" to export. With two cards (no SLI), it took 5'; and with two cards (SLI), the computer took 4' 10".


      Word of warning: my set-up needs tons of electricity to work. My APC Smart-UPS 1500 gave me five warnings that I had exceeded the load threshold (80%) but luckily it wasn't by much: only 1%.