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    MOV. Animation Codec Issues


      I'm using an intel i7 production machine running Windows 8.

      I have both the CS6 and CSS creative suite.


      My new job uses a lot of MOV. files rendered out with the Animation codec.


      They play fine in VLC player but as soon as I try to play the same file in Quicktime, my machine completely freezes up.


      Why ever use quicktime you ask!?..


      After Effects somehow uses quicktime to process video information and when I try to edit a MOV. file with an Animation codec in After Effects, again my machine completely freezes up.


      I have tested MOV. files that have the H.264 codec, and they run completely smooth.

      I've uninstalled and reinstalled quicktime and still the same problem persists.


      I assume I'm mssing some Animation codec information, but I have no idea how to fix my problem.


      please help!




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          Rick Gerard Mythic

          Animation codec is lossless and was never intended for playback. It's a production codec designed to move files through the pipeline without introducing compression artifacts every time the file is modified. If the VLC player is playing it back smoothly then that's a lucky break because the data rate of an HD Animation Codec movie is higher than the maximum read speed for most hard drives.

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            Mylenium Legend

            As Rick said, animation isn't necessarily meant to play in realtime. The rest is not relevant. There is nothing missing, something is wrong with your QT install like e.g. hardware acceleration not being enabled/ not working... Reinstall, check the relevant system control panel.



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              JayIsForJelly Newcomer

              Sorry, I just realized I wasn't entirely clear as to what my problem is.


              I was thinking the quicktime issue might be some insight into why it the Animation codec crashes After Effects.



              The problem is that I do use Animation codecs in my production pipeline everyday.  I had no probem bringing these files into After Effects on my old machine at work.

              I'm now working on a new machine at home and whenever I try to edit/export a Animation codec MOV. file in After Effects, it completely crashes my system.


              The farthest that I get is that after effects will import it into its library, but as soon as I try to put it into a comp, system crashes.


              I also really don't want to convert the codec in another software purely for saving me lots of time.


              Any ideas?

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                Rick Gerard Mythic

                What is your OS and your version of AE? Do you have any 3rd party codecs or codec packs installed? What is the version of QuickTime?


                I have no problems on any of my machines and I have only heard of random problems involving 3rd party codecs and a few problems with QuickTime pro installations.

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                  JayIsForJelly Newcomer

                  Windows 8 pro

                  AE CS6 & CC

                  DivX Codec Pack (however, wouldn't work before I installed this either)

                  Quicktime 7.7.4


                  I have also uninstalled and reinstalled Quicktime with no luck.

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                    JayIsForJelly Newcomer

                    As an update,

                    I have since uninstalled AE CS6, CC, the DivX Codec Pack and Quicktime.


                    I reinstalled quicktime first, then AE CS6 and CC


                    and I still have the same crash problem.