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    Cloud storage, Behance & Prosite: Useless for Video Projects?


      As it currently stands the features given today from 20 gigs of cloud storage behance and prosite look great on paper but on actual use? Well lets look at my example. I produced a one and a half hour long wedding video compressed down into a 1.3GB H.264 mp4 file which I planned on posting on my prosite, password protected, for my client/friend to review before authoring to DVD and BR.


      First issue: Cloud storage limits the uploading of a file size to under 1 gig.

      Ok, great reencode and waste another 3 hours on render and reupload.


      I perfer to use chrome as my browser and my internet service is 60Mb Down/15Mb Up. Upload should finish in 30 to 60 minutes.


      Second issue: Attempt 1 shows progress bar filling to 100% and terminates. Now I go looking for the file.... doesn't exist. Strange. Ok attempt 2, same thing. Attempts 3, 4, 5 and 6 have all the same results. Another 3 hours wasted. Open Microsoft IE. Success.


      Ok so half of my production time for the day is a complete wash but linking from Cloud storage into Behance Prosite should only take a few mouse clicks and my client can still have enough time to review and get back to me with any issues.


      Third issue: Having created a new project in Behance and finally getting my video file into the cloud storage I select "creative cloud" in the add media side bar and get the message "Unable to retrieve file, please try again later".


      Ok... maybe this is like youtube and off site rendering is happening and I just wait and try again later. One hour later, second attempt same error message, "Unable to retrieve file, please try again later". One hour later after that, third attempt same error. Great... Ok lets just share this file directly from cloud storage...


      Fourth issue: Sharing and send link options will not work with this type of file. mp4


      client will not be reviewing video tonight... 12 hours later all the same issues. Again, client will not be reviewing video. At least not with an Adobe based solutions.


      Thanks Adobe!!!


      When will I be able to share video I upload to the cloud????


      Thank you for promising your users so much and then falling slightly short of the finishline. Of course it's understandable on it's first release of CC to have bugs but please make some magic happen for us soon; otherwise it's just more fuel for the flame wars debate between subscription cloud and perpeptual license camps .