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    Invalid Argument exception




      Am trying to send commands to the Illustrator from C#. I can create a new document, draw some simple paths/objects, copy/paste things. But when I try to do anything with the Group/Page Items like changing their position or size I get "Invalid Argument exception".


      There is no C# scripting reference, so I use Visual Basic one. And it worked well for simpliest things.


      Please tell me what is wrong with this code:


      illustrDoc.GroupItems[0].Top = 1.0;
      illustrDoc.GroupItems[0].PathItems[0].Top = 1.0;
      illustrDoc.Layers[0].PathItems[0].Top = 1.0;
      double scale = 10.0;
      illustrDoc.GroupItems[0].Resize(scale, scale, true, true, true, true, scale, Illustrator.AiTransformation.aiTransformCenter);


      All the lines listed above (except "double scale = 10.0;", of course) generate the same exception. That is wierd.


      All the layers/groups/items are unlocked and visible.


      Thank you.