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    Misaligned text in Premiere CS6


      for some reason, two lines of centered text are never precisely centered in the Title window. as the image shows, the second line always sticks out a bit too far on the left of the text above it.



      there are no extra spaces that might account for this, and the kerning is the same on both lines.



      any advice appreciated.textMisaligned.jpg

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          They look fine to me.

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            Steven L. Gotz Level 5

            Perhaps I am missing something because I don't see it.


            I took that part of the image with the text into Photoshop. I drew a box on the left of the "T" in TAMMY and made sure it covered the "T" in TammyBruce.com as precisely as possible.


            Then I picked up the box and set it next to the "E" in BRUCE. It covered the "m" in .com almost exactly. Certainly the difference was less that the eye can detect without a little help.


            So, for this post , instead of moving the box, I copied it and set the opacity down in order to show you.


            I admit that the shadows through off the measurement some, but I just don't see the problem you wrote about.