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    What does the user see when they go to retake a quiz?




      I have a presentation I've been building in PowerPoint and have just added a Presenter quiz. When I publish the presentation and view it (both locally and sent to Connect), I can take one attempt at the quiz, then review my answers. However, I can't click on the Continue button to advance and don't see any way to retake the quiz.


      I notice that when I take the quiz, the quiz pane shows the orange "dash mark" icon (pending grading" instead of the green check/ red x mark that should be showing up. I have the questions set to be graded, not survey, so I'm not sure why this is happening either.


      1. What is a user supposed to see when they complete a quiz, review it, then go to retake it? Is there supposed to be a "retake" button?


      2. Is there something that might be causing this in the way the quiz is set up?


      Quiz Settings

      Pass required (although I'd be fine with required or answer all)

      Allow user to review quiz

      Show score at end of quiz


      Pass or Fail Options

      100% required to pass

      If passing, go to next slide

      If failing, infinite attempts


      Presenter Version 8 Build 227

      PowerPoint 2010 Version 14.0.6129.5000

      Connect Version 8

      Windows 7

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          When the quiz has more than one attempts, user can review only when it passes or exhausts all attempts.There is no retake button added when you set more than one attempts, user can manually go back using move forward/back slide buttons. Or you can add a retake button which takes the user to start of the quiz.


          In case of infinite attempts, user will not able to review unless she passes the quiz, In this case she has to remind herself that which options where wrong in previous attempts, or you can navigate her to a particular link or slide (pass/fail option) or use advance feedback to communicate the correct answer of a particular question.


          For the orange dash issue, it gets displayed only when your question is either survey question or  zero marks graded question. If this is not the case, please send us [vikrakum@adobe.com]  any sample of the project where this issue is reproducible.





          Adobe Presenter Engg. Team