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    Adobe updater.exe using my GPU....a lot!


      Hey everyone,


      I recently updated my video card from an AMD 6870 to a 7970.  while running the new card I noticed in a GPU monitor that my card GPU was running at roughly 40%-45% utilization with NO OPEN APPLICATIONS.  In hunting down the problem I tried using microsoft's process explorer and that showed activity with the updater.exe application.  When I kill the process the activity goes away completely.


      I've checked the GPU utilization using GPU-Z, GPU monitor and afterburner...all concur with that the GPU is getting hit continuously.


      I've tried multiple times starting and stopping the updater.exe process and when the process is active the GPU gets hit and when it's killed there is no activity on the GPU.


      I've run the file "updater.exe" through a number of virus file scanner and meta scanners getting from 20-30 clean responses (and one positive hit for a trojan that I think is a false positive, since it's off a virus scanner I never heard of Ikarus or something.).


      I believe that your program is acting badly.


      I looked at the properties for this file and there is no data in the properties section at all, no vendor nothing.


      For now, i just renamed the file and setup a dummy read only stub in it's place to keep it from returning.



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          Mike M Level 6

          "I believe that your program is acting badly."


          Well, there are a whole bunch of things I believe... that doesn't make them true. 

          Adobe Reader and the updater, like computers, respond to user input.

          Under the Updater link on the left, you'll see where you can disable the updater from running for Reader. Click "Do not download or install updates automatically" and Click OK.

          The software responds to your input and doesn't run the updater anymore.

          I believe... that will resolve your issue.

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            LeoAdobeX Adobe Employee

            "Updater.exe" is not Adobe Reader Updater file.

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              Mike M Level 6

              Do you have other Adobe software installed? Because if Reader is all you've got, and Update.exe is not the reader updater... it's for other software you need to disable updates in.

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                Cr0n_J0b Level 1

                The reaon why i think the program is acting badly is because it's using my GPU, which not standard for this type of application program.  When you said Edit>Preferences, I'm guessing that you assume I know where to look for the application that I can find that context menu in.  I don't.  Is it supposed to be in the task bar?  is that in Control panel?  Do i need to launch some application first?


                The reason that I think this is an Adobe file is that it sits in a Directory called Adobe in my Program Files(x86).  In that directory is another folder called Reader 11.0.  In that folder is a folder called Reader and in there is file called Reader.exe that launches Adobe reader XI 11.0.3.


                I have disabled the application by deleting it, but I wanted to inform Adobe that this application is not behaving correctly.

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                  Mike M Level 6

                  Edit>Preferences  referes to the menu bar when Reader is open.


                  And the file that opens Reader is named AcroRd32.exe

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                    LeoAdobeX Adobe Employee

                    In your original post you mentioned "Updater.exe"

                    Now you are referring to "Reader.exe", which again is not the right Adobe Reader file.

                    Maybe you are trying to say AcroRd32.exe?

                    It might very well be that Adobe executable is causing an issue, but please try to make it less confusing if your are seeking for help on this forum or simply want to inform people or Adobe itself.

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                      Cr0n_J0b Level 1

                      I'm sorry to be so confusing in this.  I'll rephrase and be more precise.  Here we go.


                      Dear Adobe product development, test and engineering team.  I have found that one of your update modules for adobe acrobat reader is causing me system issues.


                      I have tested and found that a program called updater.exe raises the load on my GPU to roughly 40% continuously when it's running.  Updater.exe runs in the background at startup.  I verified that this file launches from C:/Program Files(x86)/Adobe.  I am assuming that this is the acrobat update program because it's in the same directory as Acrobat reader XI.  I tried to verify that this program is not a virus, and based on my research I think it is in fact the adobe updater.exe program. 


                      it looks like i used the wrong name for the actual reader program in the folder called Reader 11.0.  The program name is AcroRd32.exe as was suggested above.


                      I fixed the issue by deleting the file and placing a read only stub in it's place, in case it was a virus.


                      If the file updater.exe is an adobe file, you should investigate why the program is behaving improperly.  If you would like me to forward a copy of the file I can do that as well.


                      I do not need any additional help to fix this issue, I'm just trying to report it to the correct folks that may care in Adobe development.


                      thanks everyone.

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                        Mike M Level 6

                        You DO realize this is a "user-to-user" forum and that there are NO development personnel here to repsond to your post, right?

                        We're just Adobe customers who volunteer our troubleshooting services and, in some cases, expertise.

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                          Cr0n_J0b Level 1

                          What I thought was that this was a general forum with good and helpful people.  I was obviously wrong in this case.  I'm not sure why you want to troll this thread, but you aren't being helpful at all.


                          Here is what I would have expected at the very least.


                          You read the post and see that I'm reporting and issue with a component of Adobe reader.  You can ignore it and move on or choose to help.  You chose instead to troll the thread with stupid comments. "Well, there are a whole bunch of things I believe... that doesn't make them true. "


                          I've clarified the issue as well as I can in an effort to possibly help other people that might be seeing the same issue.  You see, once this thread gets scraped by the search engines, someone out there who is seeing the same issue and wondering what is going on, might come here.  And they might find the answer to shut off Adobe Updater.exe.  Furthmore, some Adobe developer or someone who has contact with them might go further and try to troubleshoot the situation to see if there is a bug in the code.


                          The reason I came to his spot is because that's where the adobe help pages took me.  They didn't have an obvious bug reporting page that I could find.


                          You could have also helped by pointing me politely to a bug reporting page.  But again, you were too busy tolling to be helpful.


                          Baiscally I posted an issue and wanted to see if others have seen the same issue and if it might be a bug.  I have since decided that it's either a bug in the Adobe updater.exe program or a virus has substituted itself for the updater.exe program.  Either way, I have solved it by getting rid of updater.exe.


                          That's it, no more troll food for you.

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                            Mike M Level 6

                            You won't like the tone of this but I just came from burying my dad, so live with it.


                            I'm happy for you that you found a solution that works. Seriously I am. Adobe has a Bug report/Feature request section that IS frequented by development people. This forum however, is not.


                            As I said, we are just Adobe product users like you are. Some of us, through our background, have troubleshooting skills, and because Adobe products have helped us to earn a living, we "give back" by helping other users here FOR FREE. I've been doing this since 2004 under a few screen names, and if helping more than a thousand people since 2007 is "trolling"... I'm guilty as charged.


                            Once in a while someone comes along with a problem like yours, and it's something we CANNOT fix because we are not Adobe developers... nearly all of us aren't even employed here. We tell them that it cannot be done, and like you, they attack the messenger because they don't like the message. Well, that's just too bad. The simple fact is, nobody in this forum can fix your GPU problem. Adobe development might be able to, but since it's NOT a universal issue (in other words, it DOESN'T affect every PC out there) it's not likely.


                            Add to that your first post was worded like you're some sort of "uber-coder" PC guru who knows C++, and how to rewrite a BIOS. Then you can't even get the file names right because you obviously copied and pasted most of what you posted, and likely have no idea what it means...


                            Sorry you're disappointed, but you have a link to the feature request page now. You didn't say you had a bug to report, you simply used someone else's terminology to describe something you "believed" was a problem with the program, but since it's only on your PC I'd suggest that the problem isn't the software, but the computer you're running it on.


                            Best of luck to you in your future troubleshooting endeavors.

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                              I am experiencing the same issue.  I started running some checks on my PC recently as I prepare to overlock my cpu, and noticed that my GPU temps were a little high for my machine supposedly being idle.


                              When my PC boots, I always see Updater.exe running (located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\, and I only have Reader v10.1.3 installed), generally using 1-2% CPU constantly even after I leave it for a few hours. The stranger issue though, is that it seems to be using around 12% of one of my GPUs, keeping it in a P0 state at max clock (instead of allowing it to reduce to a P12 state, and underclock itself to save power) and causing my card to heat up to over 60C constantly. Considering I tend to leave my PC running all day, this is clearly not a good thing.


                              I've tested a number of times after leaving my PC idle for a few hours to see this Updater exe still utilising cpu, and as soon as i kill the process, my GPU usage drops to 0% and my GPU clock speed drops from 800Mhz to 50MHz within a few seconds and my temps start to drop.


                              I guess there is the possibility that this is some form of malware, although I have run checks on it, and have had a decent paid for Anti-virus/firewall solution installed and updated for a number of years.  I think I will just remove it from my system and reinstall Adobe Reader and see how it goes.

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                                pwillener Level 8

                                I have Adobe Reader 11.0.5 installed; there is no program 'updater.exe' anywhere in that program folder.


                                The only 'updater.exe' that I have on my system is located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox


                                Where is your updater.exe located (check with the Task Manager's Processes tab)?

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                                  MikeG33 Level 1

                                  Yep, I found where the file was located from the Processes list using 'Open File Location', and it was in 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe' as mentioned in my post.  The file detail showed no product name or version, but the icon for the exe is an Abobe AIR one.  I checked a few other machines including my laptop and a few machines at work, and I couldnt find this file on any of them either, so not sure where it came from.


                                  I have removed the file, and removed the registry entry to stop it trying to launch on boot. I have also uninstalled all my abobe apps (reader 10, flash activex/plugin, AIR, SVG viewer), and will just install them again in the future if I need them. I am also now running a full scan of my pc for any malware or rootkits.