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    FMS 4.5 Can't Find App To Allow Server-Side Recording To Local Network Clients


      (Server:W7, FMS 4.5 , FMLE 3.2 / I-7 Processor, 16GB RAM, (2) 1TB Drives in a RAID5)



      Is there a solution out there that I can place on the admin login page that will allow the sound people to capture and record a stream and tag it without giving them login access to the server?


      Hi. I have had a hard time finding a solution for this problem for awhile and I know my scenario can't be that unique.

      I"m streaming  live from withing the church soundbooth  without too many problems and I have scheduled tasks setup to use a recorded stream during service times.


      But lets say theres a performance that needs to be recorded within the recorded stream-

      well, I know that I can use the dvrcast dvrcontroller.html and I do but theres a couple of key problems with this. 1. I (I as in ME) has to be the one doing it from the server. 2. I have to record it from with the default stream name then stop the recording and rename the file in Windows Explorer so that it does not get overwritten. 3. I have to know the name of the stream I want to record and where to place it.

      This process can get messy real quick