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    Adobe Creative Cloud nothing but problems so far...

    dlcaza Level 1

      First of all. I am asked to sign in and accept agreements multiple times a day, almost everytime I open a program. The creative cloud application sign me out constantly.


      Second, my programs all hang when they open. Illustrator may take up to a minute to actually open. It's only the Adobe programs that hang, all other programs on my computer respond quickly as they should.


      Third, Bridge starts quickly but takes forever to populate the folder panel and show anything. It's just maddening!


      So are these bugs that will be fixed or am I stuck with this behavior?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          We can't know anything. You are not offering any system information. Calling those issues bugs doesn't make it so. They're more likely problems specific to your system. As a start, refer to this:


          Sign in or activation errors


          For anything else we realyl need a lot more info.



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            AvSbgl Level 1



            I see there is a BIG Problem with former AAM and now CC- Desktop.  I also see that you Guys from staff and MVP really work hard to give us a hand and try to find solutions for each individually. And i really appreciate that!. BUT there is a big problem that Adobe has to see and - even more important - to fix it. All over the forum you can see complaining about AAM and CC-Desktop and crying for help no matter what OS no matter what Hardware.


            And HONESTLY - I m tired of deleting, reinstalling, new downloading, using Adobe Cleaner Tool, renaming OOBE- folders, fighting with sudden change to trial-versions and so on!!! I did subscribe to Creative Cloud in May 2012. And i did waste so much time trying to fix problems that should Adobe fix. I need this time to earn money to pay my monthly fee to Adobe. (btw - i did complain about that to Adobe Support - and after all i´ve got just one month creative cloud membership for free - that´s ridiculous!). After updating to the new CC-Desktop i was full of hope that all those problems with the old AAM would have been gone. But obviously .. no.


            And yes ... i allready work on it to find software that fits to my needs. As soon i found it --> Good by Adobe! I´m really sorry to say that. But  my patience is not without a limit.


            kind regards


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              dlcaza Level 1

              It's a new system less than 3 weeks old. I have reformatted 3 times and swapped a hard drive. I know that Adobe is the culprit because not only do Adobe programs hang but anytime My Computer has to populate a lot of folder info or show hard drive info it can take up to a minute to show my 2 drives. Some how Adobe is messing with my hard drives. As I said I have reformated and reinstalled program by program and Adobe is the culprit.


              My system: i5 2500k, Gigabyte Motherboard, 8GB DDR3, Nvidia GeForce GTX 550 Ti, 1 TB Seagate hard drive, 2TB hard drive. It's a good, fast system.


              One thing I noticed when I looked at the link you provided is that there are no Adobe entries in my hosts file at all.

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                at_play Level 1

                I had similar situation but it turned out to be my antivirus and firewall software blocking adobes products from running or fully loading.   You may want to check that is not the case in your situation.

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                  gr@zimanz Level 1

                  I whole heartedly agree with AvSbgl.


                  I am sure Adobe and most creative cloud users know this issue is not new AND not user system specific.


                  Unfortunately tech support seem to have generic catch all responses... as long as they hit their KPI's!!!

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                    jacograaff Level 1

                    Mylenium - It does not help to tell an end-user that "We can't know anything. You are not offering any system information".


                    If this was Adobe's way of talking to end-users it is completely counter-productive. End-users are not the ones supposed to debug Adobe's botched new system they are enforcing on us. Why should I spend productive time collecting log files to help Adobe fix a system we really did not ask for.

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                      Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

                      Hi Jacograaff,

                      It is actually helpful to include details about your system. For Premiere Pro, we have this FAQ entry: What information should I provide when asking a question on this forum?


                      Mylenium was only trying to help, and he is a volunteer not an Adobe employee. In the future, please encourage others to post their system details.




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                        jacograaff Level 1

                        Thanks for reminding me of that Kevin - I thought Mylenium was just a regular user trying to help and should have tried harder to separate my remarks against ADOBE from being conceived as directed at Mylenium.


                        Mylenium, really sorry that my comment sounded like I was blasting you. I did not mean it.

                        I love what the software engineers are doing with the software and appreciate the individuals whose job (ADOBE employees/help desk sub-contractors) it is to try and assist, but, ADOBE’s image is tarnished in my eyes by their new subscription policy they are forcing on end-users.


                        Business decisions are not made by those parties.


                        So many great technologies have been killed of or completely missed an oppertunity to evovle to great-ness. (Director, Freehand, Flash, Flex, etc...)

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                          RichardEWarriner Level 1

                          I also suffer from this problem but it only started in the last few days since the latest update. CS6 applications and newer CC appliactions revert to tryout. The CC connection constantly signs me out. What I don't understand is even if the network is down surely the software shouldn't automatically revert to tryout mode for a few days? I am running Windows 7 (64).


                          This is causing a significant disruption to my working day.



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                            MissPono Level 1

                            I too am having so many problems with this cc that i've had for only 2 months.


                            I am the owner of a valid CS6 master collection. in order to acquire an additional license to use my cs6 suite on an additional 2 computers, adobe sales talked me in to subscribing to the cc. what a great deal i thought. well, to my dismay, i've had nothing but problems since.


                            to make matters worst, when i subsequently started my pc with the installed version of my master collection, it screwed up my master collection as well starting to treat it like the cloud software continuously warning me that my trial software had a limited lifetime and was going to expire soon. CONSTANTLY! tech support helped me understand that adobe's cc installs schedulers and other hidden apps and constantly monitors usage and that, if i cleaned out the temp directory on a regular basis, my problems would be solved. WRONG! it helps in a minor way but the continuous warnings on EVERY adobe app in my collection pops up each time i start the app. I'm just about to reinitialize my pc AGAIN to clear out this mess!


                            what's incredible and difficult to grasp is how can adobe, with their expertise and unmatched quality in the presentation arts, launch the cloud with so many problems. it's an insult speaking with tech support who darn well knows that these problems exists but yet they trivialize it and offers only minimal solutions.


                            I now believe that this will be my last adobe purchase. there certainly are other options including just using my master collection for the next few decades if i'm able to clear out those unrelenting expiration popups.


                            everyone has been guilty at one time or another of putting down microsoft for their much too early release of software containing difficulties. well, i can tell you that i've never had this level of frustration with any software i've purchased. NEVER! adobe has now made me cherish my relationship with microsoft that much more.

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                              DavidJohnKing Level 1

                              I agreed MissPono. I subscribed to The Photoshop Photography Program on 13 Dec 2013.


                              I have previously downloaded trial versions of Photoshop and Lightroom.  Photoshop has been registered successfully.  Both Photoshop and Lightroom appear in my Creative Cloud window and show to be ‘Up To Date’.


                              Unfortunately my copy of Lightroom still requires registration.


                              On opening Lightroom a window opens which gives me three options… to:


                              1. enter a serial number (which takes me to a serial number entry screen)
                              2. buy a serial number which takes me to the Abobe page where, I can sign, opt to buy and get taken to a screen which allows me to download and when I follow this it just opens up the Creative Cloud window which tells me lightroom is in place and up to date)
                              3. “I want to try” continue with the trial which is on a daily countdown currently 27 days.


                              So how do I resolve this issue?


                              I have 'chatted' to tech three time now having various solutions thrown at me including altering the etc host files.  To my mind this suggests they know there are serious issues.  I am currently trying to resolve issues through thier facebook page facebook.com/lightroom.

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                                Steckley Level 1

                                I came to this forum looking for answers to some issues I've had with CC (PS inparticular) and I see my issues are common. 


                                I have the problem of key commands 'now and then' simply not working.  Oh man is that frustrating.  Be it Cmnd-Z, B, E, the usuals, it seems 1 in 5 key stokes simply choses to simply not respond, and I have to manually select whatever tool directly in the toolbox (or History window if it's an undo).  Very frustrating.  The worst part is, it's not a regular thing, just now and then, enough to disrupt my productivity and remind me that this never used to happen.

                                Can anyone offer any insight to this?


                                There's a few other issues that are relatively minor, (hang ups on startup, click lasso tool not starting on the first few clicks, and closeing the selection too soon are on the list somewhere) but all are things I never had with the regular (non-CC) software.


                                I'm on a brand new December 2013 Macbook Pro.  I only upgraded to CC in Dec, and am at my wits end with these problems.  The key command thing really messes up productivity and workflow.


                                Thanks in advance!

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                                  Steckley Level 1

                                  I heard from Adobe Support, not long after I wrote this! 


                                  It turns out my Cintiq 12WX doesn't have the Wacom driver for OS 10.9 (Mavericks).  An issue I will now go and deal with Wacom is with that device and the 22HD, which of the two I regularily alternate (depending on whether I'm working at home or remotely), and as of now they don't allow you to have two versions of the driver installed. 


                                  I also got some other Preferences advice from Adobe, which I'll try next, but I wanted to write a note in here expressing my thanks to the Adobe team for jumping on this. 


                                  Thanks Britt!

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                                    Nikon D300s Level 1

                                    I have been an Adobe Creative Cloud member now for about 6 months and have had nothing but problems with reliability of the programs I subscribe to through the Cloud Photoshop CC and Adobe Muse. Logging into these programs daily is like playing Russian Roulette you never know if the programs are going to operate from day-to-day especially Muse. It is very difficult to run a business with these constant disruptions to my workflow. I am also very displeased that Adobe does not supply phone support for Muse but rather I get passed off to on-line tech support located in God know where.


                                    If things don't start improving soon I am going to pull the plug on the Creative Cloud all together. We are force to subscribe to the cloud on a monthly basis for each program we need and I think that is is only right for Adobe to offer us quality technical support.


                                    A very unhappy Cloud customer.

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                                      awaken2015 Level 1

                                      I absolutely agree this Adobe creative cloud is the biggest heap of crap I have ever seen. I can't even get it to download the trial versions of the programs. It takes forever and then gets to 90 percent after about 7 hours and then just freezes.

                                      Does anybody know where we can download these trial programs with out this heap of crap call Creative Cloud. I can download files from any other web site but Adobe has really stuffed up with this one.

                                      Come on Adobe surely you people can do better than this.

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                                        Bilingual Web Developer Level 1

                                        Hey Guys,

                                        I recently had the same issues as you guys were having and figured out a way to solve the problem.

                                        OS: Windows 7 64 Bit



                                        1. Uninstall the program and remove all the Registry values. I recommend using Revo Uninstaller.

                                        2. Restart your computer.

                                        3. Download and install the most recent Adobe Creative Cloud program from Adobe's website.

                                        4. Restart your computer in safe mode. While in safe mode, attempt to start the program. (Note: The program will not work since there is no internet connection)

                                        5. Restart your computer and start the program. Hopefully the program should work now. 


                                        Good Luck


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                                          sushiboy116 Level 1

                                          I have the same (or very similar) registration problem. I have a valid CC subscription. I update my installed CC 2014 programs regularly. Almost daily I will get a "Your trial subscription has 00 days remaining" upon startup of different CC 2014 programs. There was a recent Adobe Account Manager (CC desktop) update that included a fix for this problem - it didn't help. So at least once a day, sometimes more, I will have to do the "sign in to register" which ends with the "Congratulations, your software is now registered". One day it will be inDesign, the next Illustrator...the next day Photoshop and inDesign, etc., etc......


                                          computer: Dell XPS9100 desktop

                                          Windows 7  Intel Core i7 CPU  920 @ 2.67 GHz   64 bit OS

                                          ram: 8 GB

                                          video card: nVidia G Force 310


                                          CC 2014 (64 bit) installed: Ae, Br, Ai, Id, Ps. Media Encoder, Lr, etc.

                                          other Adobe programs installed: CS6 and CC

                                          security software: McAfee

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                                            RichardEWarriner Level 1

                                            I suffered from this problem for a while on my Win7 i5 64 bit system. In my case the problem was traced (by me) to using an encrypted USB stick. It wasn't that CC can't cope with using encryption on my PC, it only happened when an entire USB drive was encrypted. I now use the same USB sticks but with encryption done on file containers rather than the whole device and have never had the issue again.



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                                              robbrown.au Level 1

                                              Just bought and installed PS and LR via CC both apps installed and are in the correct win dir. Neither app will launch (tho PS does very quickly flash the splash screen before closing). I have tried the fix at http://helpx.adobe.com/photoshop/kb/cc-applications-crash-immediately-launch.html, it did not work. I done a system restore and went trough the whole CC install process again, but still LR nor PS will open.I have tried disconnecting from the internet before launch but also with no success. Have updated graphic the card driver and have all the latest windows drivers installed. Have spent many hours now trying to find a fix. Any ideas?


                                              Sony VAIO (laptop)

                                              Windows 8.1 Pro (genuine)

                                              i7-3632, 16GB RAM, AMD Radon HD 7600, 1TB SSD


                                              Have now done a clean re-install of Windows 8.1 Pro from CD. Still having same problems, tho LR will now open but is in some sort of limited mode eg; Develop and Map module disabled. Please renew your membership to reactivate. Photoshop no change Splash Screen and then nothing.

                                              I have tried signing out and in of Adobe Creative Cloud (no change), also under Apps when signed in, it says Photoshop CC (2014) and Lightroom 5 are both Up to date with a green tick. My online account says it is paid and current.


                                              side note; have also disabled all firewalls and AV still no change.


                                              Getting very close to being over CC... Many hours wasted and still not working!!!


                                              Someone said "use pirated software, at least it works"...

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                                                sambroadleaf Level 1

                                                i agree the software is broken


                                                on install it crashes windows 8,1 interface, and i mean the whole interface not just explorer.exe but also whatever makes it work


                                                Then i changed install folder in preferences during photoshop download and it still installed it into C:\ Drive, so i quit CC, deleted whole photoshop

                                                folder and now Cc is telling me its still installed.


                                                This CC is nothing but trouble maker, it's more of a bug itself.


                                                Hahaha i "patched" NON existant photoshop.

                                                thats some next level system IO handling right there

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                                                  joylynn1961 Level 1

                                                  I am having the same issues.  OH MY GOD...it is maddening.  It crashes all the freaking time.  I read an interesting article from a very popular photography site about how lightroom sucks up all your RAM.  I have lost more editing time since Adobe made all these changes. It is not my system either. 

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                                                    hyperdrum Level 1

                                                    After loading CC onto my work computer (moving from CS5) the thing has basically become a brick. IT is now getting me a new computer to resolve the issue. Prior to CC? Things worked fine.


                                                    At home I use an older version, which I own on disc. I will never update to CC on my personal Mac. I really don't care how Adobe wants to "help" me through these problems, or explain how the terms I use to describe them are semantically mistaken (really, really I said it was this and it might be that?). I see that this mess has created some job security for people, but so far my experience with this stuff has been terrible. I miss the old Adobe, when design was what mattered, and bloat was a thing of the future.


                                                    I have been using Adobe software since '94. I just have to wonder if corporate hq was really listening to users.





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                                                      Ushark Level 1

                                                      Can I say I love this reply. This is now the second time i've had the same problem. And I know the way to fix it is to completely re-install, but that's not the best option when us creative people have clients, jobs and deadlines and fixing this issue requires at least 4-5hrs of time dealing with and installing.


                                                      Last time it was luckily on my Christmas break (Not the best way to spend my time off too). And I was on the phone talking to Adobe for 6hrs! and they still didn't fix it and actually I got cut off and they didn't reply. I let him remotely control my mac for hours to no result. In the end I fixed it by uninstalling everything and starting again.


                                                      Doing this broke my current setup and finally resulting in the death of my MAC! All because I had to fully upgrade everything to the latest which my Mac couldn;t handle. I wanted 1 program and ended up needing the re install them all.


                                                      In short, all these complaints, my experience in this and now it's happening again to my Adobe Muse. THIS IS A MAJOR BUG! And you need to get it solved.

                                                      We don't pay you a monthly/yearly fee to waste our time! I never had this level of problems in previous years. Creative cloud is so annoying! But apparently necessary.

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                                                        hobabu Level 1

                                                        Adobe Creative Cloud is buggy as hell. I ask myself why do I pay for this software. In the last months I spend so much time with installing, uninstalling, searching for help on forums, reading FAQ. And when the updates are working the next update with next problem is coming.

                                                        There seems to be process management and quality problems. A good release management should be introduced. I don't get it? Why is there no fast support with updates and help? Where is the first, second, third level support for customers even if it is just 10 € a month. And why is the software reduced in functions that were implemented over a decade? The new features are not good implemented. Ever tried to make a panorama? Compare it to PTGui and you know why it is better to have a stand alone solution. DNG-Support and no easy way to work with custom ICC profiles.


                                                        I just updated my MacBook Pro with a SSD and a clean installed Mac OS X 10.10. I've got an admin account and the software is not installing a Photoshop update because I do not have the rights. I work for hours on that problem and really tried all I can. Besides I'm a IT Professional working for enterprises and leading IT-Projects worth 100 millions and more. This is not the way I want to spend my free time.

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                                                          DennisANisbet Level 1

                                                          In the beginning, I thought that the CLOUD was really a good idea and still do!

                                                          This most recent release and the bugs that came with it has all the earmarks of a marketing department pushing for something that was not ready and now the whole world and the Adobe staff  are like monkeys trying to put the cork back in!

                                                          Yesterday, in an attempt to right a wrong an Adobe tech person off shore did his best to create eight hours of hard work for me trying to undo the damage he did. Today a tech guy, off shore, deleted my Creative Cloud and didn't know how to restore it. (I showed him how.)

                                                          You will be tried in the court of public opinion on this one and it will be a long time before your are able to regain public trust.

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                                                            PennyCarlson Level 1

                                                            I am having the exact same problems on both the Windows 7 and Windows 8 systems I am using.  I think it is not a problems with someones operating system and specific setup.  And you know what, if i already have a subscription, any changes you make should be seemless to me.  I shouldn't need to reinstall or use some special unistaller that removes registry entries.  That stuff is your job!  Make sure that when you update the program, it performs needed utilities for us.  Both the computers I use are less than one year old with pretty decent specs.


                                                            The response is aimed at Adobe and not the forum user to whom I have responded.

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                                                              pauls34886331 Level 1

                                                              I started using the Adobe Creative Cloud back in February of 2015. At that time Adobe was offering the 2014 version of Lightroom and Photoshop. It had been running just fine up until I decided to update to the new 2015 version. Now Photoshop will not open even though it shows up as installed on my PC. I went through a chat guy, and was basically told he couldn't help me, that I needed to try again on Monday when the expert dept was open, and that they should be able to help. They really odd thing is that my computer is still the same configuration of software and hardware as it was the very first day I installed and began using the creative cloud apps. To me, this is a problem with the new 2015 version. I do not want to pay for a product that is unusable to me. Adobe really needs to come up with a workable solution and quick, or it will have a full blown mutiny on it's hands.

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                                                                pauldesign Level 1

                                                                I have been experiencing unlimited problems with creative cloud for over a month.  Their experts cannot fix it.  They are not telling the truth.  They fix it for a short period then the problem comes back. This is a nightmare.


                                                                This is about the 7th time the "expert" team has promised that it was fixed.  All the programs keep defaulting to trial versions and I cannot open my files.  Last night some genius from Adobe called me at 3:10 in the morning and woke me up, only to ask if the issue was resolved.


                                                                I am 64 years old and for the first time in my life, am experiencing chest pains.  I am also behind on all projects and have lost so much money, I might be forced to sell my house.  The oversea experts say that is not an issue.


                                                                I am expecting an engineer to call me soon.  I will post the result.

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                                                                  SN_AUS Level 1

                                                                  Same problems here. Been using Adobe software since CS3 and love it, but CC is just garbage. Constantly crashing, hanging, starting trial versions and so many hours wasted on the phone to the help line. Been on the phone again today with more issues and decided to Google Search "Adobe CC Problems" to see if others were suffering in the same manner. While I was on the phone today the last Adobe tech I spoke with rudely told me it was probably my computer or my internet connection that was the problem. I can't believe we are forced to pay for software that has so many issues. I really, really hope that Adobe can sort this mess out. Best of luck to all that are struggling with this painful time wasting exercise that is Adobe CC.


                                                                  A Day on the phone to Adobe: 27/08/2015

                                                                  11.32am - Adobe CC software install fails. Attempted to install SpeedGrade from my CC account. Downloaded, restarted, signed in, signed out signed in again. Crashes on launch. Called the Adobe help line in desperation. They told me to uninstall it an reinstall it. It didn't work.


                                                                  12.37pm - Another hour on the phone, they still can't make it work... Attempting to install SpeedGrade. It just crashes on launch. Install, uninstall, sign in, sign out, restart. "Have you tried turning it off and back on again." It would be funny if it wasn't so painful.


                                                                  2.11pm. Have spoken to 3 people in this most recent phone call, none can resolve the issue. It always seems to be another department that has all the answers. "achauda" who I just spoke to seems to think it's the "Buy Now" "Trial Version" constant signing out issue that over 10 Adobe tech "experts" have failed to fix over I can't remember how many phone calls over the past months. Now to sit on hold until another department answers. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!


                                                                  2.15pm. My call was disconnected. Great work Adobe!


                                                                  2.17pm. Dialled back in. All the case notes in the file were wrong. They seemed to think the case reflected an issue in Photoshop. Excellent attention to detail.


                                                                  3.14pm. Give a gold star to Adobe help centre staff member "hidixit". First person on the Adobe help line that's actually been any real help. He may have resolved the sign in infinite loop issue that has plagued my CC account since I signed up in early 2015. Fingers crossed it'll work.


                                                                  3.18pm. Turns out I'm back chatting to "achauda" again. Hoping that I can turn a wasted work day into a good result at the very least.


                                                                  The next day.... 28/08/2015


                                                                  12.49pm Try to log in to SpeedGrade. Half a day wasted on the phone. The infinite loop of sign in, start trial, trial expired, sign in continues. As usual it works once while you're on the phone to tech support, then is broken again next time you use it. The continued disappointment every time I launch an Adobe app and it fails is excruciatingly frustrating. I've never been so disappointed by a software package. It used to work brilliantly when you simply purchased the CDs. This is beyond a joke. Looks like I've got to waste a few more hours on the no help line.

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                                                                    Lucum Caeli Level 1

                                                                    Normally I'm willing to deal with a few imperfections when dealing with new software. Lately I just don't have hours upon hours that I can dedicate to troubleshooting, re-installing, contacting tech support, etc. Regardless of what system and programs I have, I don't want to have to spend more time fixing the software than I do using it.


                                                                    Regardless of what system I have, either make it work on all systems or don't sell it.


                                                                    I was unable to process a purchase so I did live chat. His answer was to try the free trial for now while I contact my bank to release the payment. My bank wasn't holding back payment. I used PayPal anyways just to get it to work. It looked like it didn't. Now I have a purchased (yet unpaid for) version of AI sitting next to a free trial version of AI. And my CC doesn't show PS at all but I sure can open it on my system. But I just can't update the Camera Raw plug in. CC always hangs and then crashes.


                                                                    Then this morning I see that, right around the time of my live chat, I got an email from Adobe informing me that they are having a temporary issue with their payment processing and that they will update me within 24 hours. They didn't. I could uninstall everything Adobe related and start over fresh, say with only free trial versions, but that would take time and I'm concerned about losing time once again when it comes time to purchase.


                                                                    I'm hoping to use this product. I may wait a couple months until all these issues are sorted out. I just need to stay busy and edit lots of photos quickly, not watching little animated circles and stalled progress bars and reading Help menu instructions that tell me to place files into folders that don't exist

                                                                    • 31. Re: Adobe Creative Cloud nothing but problems so far...
                                                                      ellmehr Level 1

                                                                      They are not bugs. The entire Creative Cloud thing is a total mess.

                                                                      • 33. Re: Adobe Creative Cloud nothing but problems so far...
                                                                        kimm82709407 Level 1

                                                                        Reading through these posts make me queasy.  These problems go back TWO years?  I came here hoping to find something new after spending the last 3 days just trying to get CC PS installed on my system.  I'm running Windows 8.1.


                                                                        I've spent so much time with tech support chat that I feel like I should invite them for Thanksgiving dinner.  First attempts at installation would always stall at 51%, no matter what I did.  Uninstall, remove this, remove that.  There are lots of other posts around with the stalls being at the same point but very few are finding working solutions.  Of course, Adobe tech support (2 different sessions) eventually decided that it was a problem with my system.  So I spent LOTS of time going through everything, running scans, cleaning this, fixing that, with various scanners and MS tools and software recommended by MS.  After all of that, I finally got PS to install.  Thought I was home free, and then when I tried to run it the first time, it stalled on the flash page with "scanning for plugins."  I never got it to actually open and run.  Rebooted, tried again, same thing, same stall.


                                                                        Once again, I contacted tech support via chat.  I was put through to some supposed PS expert team.  5 hours later, and all we managed to accomplish was getting back to it stalling at 51% on installation, so we actually went backwards from what I was able to accomplish on my own.  Also, this most recent tech support was terrible with communications, often leaving me hanging for very long periods of time without letting me know anything or if he was even still there.  He had remote access to my computer and did all kinds of things, and left a lot of it in there without cleaning up files and such.  He finally said he will call me tomorrow.  Since we were wrapping up around 3:30 am (yes!! I know, but I really need to get this software working if at all possible,) so I have no idea if he means later today or actually the next day.


                                                                        I've avoided getting PS in the past because of the steep learning curve, but now I really need a more robust software than the open source ones.  However, all these challenges with just getting it installed, plus reading that there are ongoing problems once the program is up and, in theory, running - that have not been resolved in 2 years, well I just can't run my business with that level of downtime.  I'll give Adobe one more chance, assuming the tech guy calls me back, but if they can't get it installed and running, I'll have to consider doing something else, maybe going back to an older version of PS, which probably would serve my purposes anyway.

                                                                        • 34. Re: Adobe Creative Cloud nothing but problems so far...
                                                                          the boston artist Level 1

                                                                          You are dead on dlcaza.  As well as the myriad others who have chimed in with the same exact problem.  I'm not going to bore anyone here repeating every word because my situation is the same.  I have been using Adobe since day one.  The free Ps I got back in the early 90's, up to the CS suites that cost as much as a car and then they turn the knife a quarter turn when you wan to purchase an upgrade.  Now, the CC.  I see some of the staff coming in and asking for specifics about one's system.  This is actually ridiculous, based on the present circumstances.  This problem isn't some aberrant criss-cross of an end-user's crazy set up.  THIS IS a bug, it's a ******** huge bug, and  it's embarrassing.  Just to let everyone know, this exact problem as been a HUGE problem since they rolled out the CC desktop.


                                                                          This situation is the core of their new money-bed financial business model.  They are making a killing with the CC.  Yet, the most fundamental ingrediant to the entire thing, bar none, doesn't even work, and hasn't since Adobe let it go on the public.  They seem to be all over things like "Adobe Stock" because it is yet one more thing that makes them 90 cents on the investment dollar.  As for something like fixing the CC desktop, and they would rather have techs chasing individual users rather than get the coders to fix a clearly obvious problem.


                                                                          This matter is right up there with another issue that I'm about to hang myself over, and that is the inability to keyword photos using Lightroom mobile.  Again, this is inexplicable and illustrates a level of incompetence that one can hardly understand.  They keep POURING "development" functionality into a device that NOBODY who is serious about photography is going to use for such.  I mean seriously, why would I even bother calibrating my monitor if I was going to become a photo retoucher on my iPad???  Keywords Adobe!!!!!!  Something useful.  Of course, one can see what's really going on, they are trying to appeal to the Apple Fan club types that want fire-and-forget technology so they can keep up with all the toy photography gadget apps.  So, us professionals and advanced amateurs can sit and wait why the pandering goes on to get the money from the parents of the 13 years olds that want to tap and swipe everything.


                                                                          I'll conclude by saying that when it takes Adobe YEARS to address major BUGS to something that is mission critical, but they can churn out the quick dollar crap on a weekly basis, where do you think the priorities are?

                                                                          • 35. Re: Adobe Creative Cloud nothing but problems so far...
                                                                            kimm82709407 Level 1

                                                                            Just a quick follow up to my post of Nov 10, 2015.  Here it is 19 days later, and I've yet to receive that PROMISED "return call" from Adobe's tech support.  What a joke this company is now!  And no, I really haven't just sat around and waited for the phone to ring, I have work to do and have had to go with another software.  I think Adobe is riding their previous years of having the corner on the market with their various software offerings, but now the quality and support are so bad that those of us who actually need this kind of thing for our businesses are simply going to have to look elsewhere.  The lame cop-out of blaming the systems of probably thousands of potential users is just lazy.  There are so many posts around on the net with others experiencing the exact same stalls at the exact same point in the installation process, it's a very common conflict that's coming from the PS side of things.  Earlier versions of PS install fine.  Other softwares install fine.  The problem is getting that ill conceived CC installed and working.


                                                                            I see that the original post here has had almost 16,000 views already.  That should be a clue as to how massive this bug really is.  Adobe can keep their head in the sand over this, but that's not going to make CC magically become a working, reliable option for businesses.

                                                                            • 36. Re: Adobe Creative Cloud nothing but problems so far...
                                                                              sambroadleaf Level 1

                                                                              If you have license, uninstall cc, download stand alone pirated version and use it. Since you have license that is not pirating.

                                                                              Its just a workaround.


                                                                              ggwp adobe.

                                                                              • 37. Re: Adobe Creative Cloud nothing but problems so far...
                                                                                kimm82709407 Level 1

                                                                                I don't have a license as I was just doing the trial before making a commitment.  Glad they have a trial, so that we can see their failures before investing in their now sub-par products.

                                                                                • 38. Re: Adobe Creative Cloud nothing but problems so far...
                                                                                  raiban Level 1

                                                                                  This the main issue I've been having with CC since I installed it. At first I thought it was just a Windows 10 thing, then my friends who use Windows 10 said they had no problems with it. After dealing with this constant recurring issue on a daily basis for 4 months, I decided to call it quits. I have more stressful things to worry about, such as design projects for my college classes to deal with, and adding this to that pile would probably given me a heart attack. Now I'm stuck paying for the three programs that I needed to use on my personal computer for the next 8 months. Although I'm glad that the student discount severely takes down the cost of the programs, I hate spending money on something I can't use.

                                                                                  • 39. Re: Adobe Creative Cloud nothing but problems so far...
                                                                                    tomb92717577 Level 1

                                                                                    I too go nuts with the crazy start up sign in hassles.  I just sat down to do a quick 3 minute fix and find that once again I have to download Photoshop, sign in like Abode is the TSA.  I am beginning to wonder what other options are out there, Abode seems to have forgotten productivity with the long start up.

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