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    How do I transfer my Creative Cloud subscription to a desktop cpu?  My laptop is too antiquated.


      My laptop computer is too old to run Creative Cloud programs without Microsoft constantly closing it. 


      Actually, Illistrator seem to work okay so far, but Photoshop continually crashes after certian moves and sometimes even upon attempting to save after one simple move that I'm working on.


      I've already paid for the subscription for a couple months (forgot to check requirements firt), but now can't find how to move it to another computer.


      I had a stroke awhile back, and I'm not up to full speed yet, and on zero budget.  But my boss at my part-time job has allowed me to use his older desktop computer (still far newer than mine) that was repurposed to run as a dedicated DVD duplicator in his video production studio.


      I think I may need to perhaps discontinue CC on one machine first and download it onto the borrowed desktop cpu.

      How do I transfer my subscription?



      Thank you for any assistance you might be able to offer,