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    Video Co Pilot twitch keeps on crashing




      my twitch keeps on crashing when i apply it to an adjustment layer, or a clip. it basically freezes.


      My computer specs are:

      Intel Core i5 2430M CPU @ 2.40 GHz 2.50GHz

      4gb installed ram 3.89gb is usable

      64 bit operating system

      Intel HD graphics memory 3000

      (thats all i know)



      My comp is 1280*720

      72inch resolution

      59.94 frame rate

      mp4 59.94fps 1280*720 clips

      classic 3d render (not even using camera tracker)


      the last time i got this problem was when i was using ray-traced 3d mode when i was using 30 adjustment layers, but this time im only using 1 for a screen fracture with a bit of twitch and im using classic 3d mode. this issue with twitch has been happening for a while now. this has made me been forced to use presets of twitch and for some reason they're crashing as well. if you can't fix the problem is there any alternitives to twitch, because i use it alot.





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