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    At a total loss on how to fix PSCS6 after CSCC Install


      I am assuming that the CC version of Photoshop had something to do with this as it started just after the install and they are both doing this.


      The very next image I edited after the install was gif_01.gif.  I saved it to: project/005885/site/image/gif_01.gif.


      Soon I started working on another graphic and went to save it, say....  desktop\graphic.jpg


      The warning box pops up, Warning, saving this image will overwrite the image gif_01.gif do you want to continue.


      Now, everytime I save a jpeg it has this message.  No other images do it, except of course gif_01.gif if in that folder.


      Not a huge deal except for it is having a bit of a water board effect and is starting to feel like someone died every time it pops. 


      Shift+Ctrl+Alt+DBLClick = Reseting up my whole work environment and still having the gif issue.  Oh ya, another issue with it is every time I save a jpeg to any file it also save that gif image to the file.  It is an 1800x2400 pixel image so it will really suck to have a few thousand extra on the drives.


      Any clues would be great.  I hate to uninstall and reinstall as I am software heavy on this machine and it is used for many tasks.  Sometime reinstalling a single program turns into setting the machine back up and it is a 3 day process.


      Windows 8 Enterprise

      CS6 - All Apps +(

      MS Visual Studio Ultimate



      MS Office Professional 2013 +Skype +Sharepoint Builder +Forms Tools

      Core FTP

      PUTTY (3 app pack)

      Windows Defender

      Spybot (dormat-manual scans and immunizations)

      Windows Firewall

      Everything file searcing app


      Custom Apps (In House, Air Apps)

      All of the internet browsers (at least the most popular dozen or so)

      Mobile simulator, graphics pad software, video capture etc.  Several more apps but none that should effect this)


      AMD 8 Core

      2xGTX 570 (Quadro 6K soon)

      64gb Ram

      SSD eSata III 512gb x 4 in Raid 10

      1200watt PSU


      Also, I have cleared as many of the temp files and etc.  I use 2 256gb SSD eSata II disks for scratch and temp files for CS6 with a 300GB HDD for video


      Every program system wide and all drivers are 100% up to date with the latest versions.



      Also, I just realized it only does it when Save for the WEB is chosen and not when Save As and then JPEG is picked.