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    Logos distorded on DVD/Blu Ray

    serge kouper Level 1

      I mentioned this problem in another discussion, but didn't receive any good answer. So I'm trying again...

      My problem is that I created some perfect circles in Photoshop, on a 1920 X1080(.png )file and integrated it to my timeline.

      Everything looks all right and the circles are  perfectly shaped.

      Once the file is exported to DVD/Blu ray, the circles become slightly ellipsoidal and it's obviously not acceptable.

      I tried "scale to fit, stretch to fill, scale to fill" and got different levels of ellipses but never a perfect circle.

      As long as I read the m2v file from the computer, it's ok. as soon as it appears on a TV Screen (I mean on 3 different models of TVs): Ellipse.

      The TV Says 1920x1080, 16/9...

      Now. the picture I read from the computer is slightly "underscan", I have 2 (thin) horizontal  black bars (nothing to do with the cinema black bars) and no vertical bars, that I think is normal since it shows my shapes correctly.

      In TV Mode, all appears slightly zoomed as it should be but I suspect that the verticals are a bit "over". I designed circles, not eggs!

      Maybe important to mention, my pc screen is actually a 40" Toshiba TV with VGA input. Would it be possible that I don't see the right thing in the first place?

      My display actually shows a 1920X1200 resolution and put the bars to display my movie at 1920X1080, which makes sense. (the graphic card can send 1920X1080 but the TV can't display it correctly (In PC Mode)

      To finish, I'm sure my circles are really circles, they have been created mechanically, not reshaped or anything.


      All yours! thanks.