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    How get hyperlinks to PDFs to open in separate window?

    PeytonT Level 1

      I have a very large Microsoft Word 2007 document containing lots of hyperlinks that I create a PDF from, that I must re-create from time to time due to editing changes. To save the trouble of re-entering all its hyperlinks (to other PDFs) every time I re-build the main PDF (with my resulting tendency to overlook some of them), I would like to embed them into Word ahead of time. The problem is, when I do so, the links in the resulting PDF always open in the main document, wiping out what was there.


      My main PDF contains instructions for how to install the Previous View button but the likelihood is many or most users will not notice them, with the result that when they go to one of the linked PDFs they have no way to return to the main document.


      Previously, I have been building these hyperlinks after the PDF is created, and as you know, that gives me the option to tell Acrobat that I want the linked PDF to open in its own window. Is there any way I can instruct the automatic PDF-building process from Word to do that instead of its default behavior of always opening them within the main document?


      I get the same result whether I build the PDF by loading the Word docx into Acrobat, or using the Create PDF button from within Word.


      Thanks for your help.




      P.S. One obvious solution would be to build links back to the main document from the smaller PDFs themselves, but that idea is completely out since it's too late for me to re-build all the smaller PDFs now. Aside from the deadline I'm working under, every one of them contains gobs of links to media files that must be re-added one by one, going through the whole set of Acrobat dialogs for choosing their parameters, which are always the same. So far all my requests to Adobe to add a default video media parameters capability have not led to this being done.