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    Internal software error: %0, line%1

    Hans Segalt Hansen Level 1

      Bought PE11 yesterday and have not succeded in burning a DVD yet. Spend a lot of hours and different types of DVDs.


      Tried to change the firewall, the startup of computer, ccleaner, uninstalled all other programs for burning, moviemakings, spyware etc.
      Untill yesterday I used Pinnacle without any problems, no burning problems - but a little heavy program, thats why I decided to get Adobe.
      My computer Acer M7711, 8gb memory, 700gb free hdd space.


      I can burn to my harddrive, but not on a DVD. When 99% reached the internal software error arrive, my DVD comes out, and when I push the cancel bottom I get the message that "Burn in progress. Are you sure you want to cancel."
      The last project was about 5 minutes without any menus etc.
      I do not want to use any other burning programs as imgburn etc. I want to get a solution for this failure - but haven't found any after reading a lot on the internet.
      Did I miss something ?


      Best regards,