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    Bridge CC opens older version of PS instead of PS CC

    tswoolfinOH Level 1

      Under Windows 7: Bridge CC "Open" and "Open with->Photoshop (default)" in the thumbnail context menu open PS5 which has been since uninstalled leaving PS6 and PS CC.


      "Open in camera raw" opens Camera Raw 8.1 associated with CC programs.


      "Place->In Photoshop" opens PS CC


      Ai files open in AI CC


      All CC programs show as up to date in the CC program manager


      I have opened Bridge with Ctl-click, reset preferences and cleared the bridge cache. As expected this did not clear the problem.


      Opening a psd file from Windows Fle Explorer opens PS6, not PS CC


      I can correct the Windows File Explorer association with Control Panel-> Default Programs -> Set associations but I shouldn't have to. The CC installs should have done that.


      How do I correct the file associations that are internal to Bridge? I'm reluctant to Uninstall->Download->reinstall without being relatively sure that will clear the problem.