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    Fonts not being recognised by Windows

    SimonWadsworth1983 Level 1

      Hello again all,


      I've unfortunately another Windows font-related question. I appreciate this isn't a specific InDesign problem - though I've had such brilliant and appreciated help from here in the past, I thought I'd post again. If you think there's another forum/website better to ask this question, please do recommend.


      I have a few fonts I really need to use (eg Trade Gothic Condensed), yet Windows 8 is not showing them! By this, I mean:

      - In the Font Book, it does not show TG-Condensed - yet when I go to install the font it says "Font already installed."

      - In InDesign and other software, TGC is not available.

      - However, in Registry files it is showing TGC.

      - I then delete the registry files, and am then able to re-install the fonts. However, after doing this they STILL don't show in the font book, and still not available to use.


      It's as if when they are installed, they suddenly become unavailable.


      Any ideas as to why and how this can be resolved?

      As always, this is really appreciated.

      Thank you


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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          First thing to check is if they  are available in other programs, like Word. If they are not, take a look at the file size listed in Explorer wherever the orignals are stored, there might be a problem that you've accidentally tried to install Mac format TT or T1 fonts and they would show 0 kb.


          If they are available in Word or other apps,  check the ENTIRE font list in ID (and maybe delete all the adobefnt*.lst files where * is a two-digit number first and restart ID), Some font families are divided into several entries, and they may even be sorted oddly for the alphabet, or in anothe section if ID can determine the language family properly.


          If they are still among the missing, you should be able to get them to work in ID by copying them to either the general Adobe fonts floder inthe common files (availble to all Adobe apps, but not others) or the private ID fonts folder (availble only to ID).

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            BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            In addition, if you're using InDesign CC, you can search for condensed in the fonts menu to see if you can narrow down the search.