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    AME bogs down when encoding


      I have a fairly edit-intense file that I've been trying to encode (using Adobe Media Encoder) for YouTube. The first part of the video (a little over 5 minutes total length) is pretty straight-forward video and chugs along just fine. Then it hits a section which is heavily edited - a bunch of green screen video with some effects and it understandably slows down. The problem I'm getting is that when it gets through that section to something less intensive, it continues to be VERY slow to render frames. It's like the tough part made it tired and it just doesn't have the energy anymore. I've tried several different output options, all with the same results.


      What's most frustrating is that during editing, I have saved versions of this which did not bring the encoding to a halt. In fact, the most recent successful encoding was making a DVD ISO in Encore which also included an additional video and menu screen. Yet that worked as expected in a reasonable amount of time. What could have changed?


      I started this project and wrote to DVD in CS6. My first attempt at the YouTube output was also CS6. Thinking the upgrade to CC might fix the problem, I upgraded, but it's reacting in the same way.

      I appreciate any help - thanks!