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    Epub page size


      What document page size do I use for my people readers to have the best viewing... Suppose  one page is one big .jpg?  For the internal pages what's the best size to use. I have pages that are just an jpg.  Other are combination of text and photos. Thanks

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It depends on what EPUB device you're optimizing for. Generally, aiming for about 600 x 800 pixels is what I've heard is an optimum size for an image when you want it to fill a page. But as for document page size, that really makes no difference: Since the text reflows, it will vary depending in the device viewing it.

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            999Rick Level 1



             Thank you for these pixel dimensions.  Ok 600x800. Noe in Photoshop you can choose pixels but in CS4 InDesign there is no pixcel option.  How would I set up the 600x800 ? In InDesign.




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              Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              You'd be sizing your images in Photoshop. You'd save them, probably as JPEG or PNG, and anchoring them into your InDesign document. They will retain the pixel dimensions when you export to EPUB.

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                999Rick Level 1

                Thank you again for the info. 

                I can get the book done from here I think. 

                But there is something I don't understand about these InDesign pages. I just don't get this part. Since all my full page jpgs do now take up one page at 600x800px... I thought that I could then define  template InDesign page at 600x800pts and then any object text or smaller photos placed on that page and within the frame would fit on the reader page as the jpgs do.... the 600x800 full page photos look great... but even though my text and smaller photo look like the fit inside the InDesign 600x800pts rectangle when I load them into my iBook reader that photos are on the next page.  


                I don't understand how your supposed to judge what will be on a single reader page  while your assembling the contents of a book.


                How do you know what will end up on a page?   


                I can load the epub file into my reader and then adjust sizes but i'd like to be closer with my sizes before I load up the reader.. this would save lots of time and effort... I now have to go back into photo shop and resize all the photos.


                Is theee a way to judge the combined text and photo?


                Thanks again!



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                  Ellis home Level 4

                  I went through the same situation recently. I was testing my epub in an Ipad. What I was trying to achieve was to avoid an image to split when reading the book in landscape mode (Ipad two page view).  I basically did it by trail and error. But it will be interesting to know from more experienced users how to avoid it. I'm curious to know how resolution would affect the size. It's my understanding that the size of your image depends on its resolution. Let's say a 600 x 800 pixels image will be different size at 200 ppi than at 300 ppi.

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                    999Rick Level 1

                    I read you set InDesign preferences to 72ppi ... this equals in pts 72dpi from Photoshop.  Then what I did was made a 600x800pt document page in InDesign. You would think that anything places inside the 600x800pt doc rectangular frame would show the same way that my 600x800px 72dpi jpgs do from PS.



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                      Ellis home Level 4

                      I think my case is a little different that yours. I was using a book file made for printing to export to epub. So I had to tweak some things. But, if you start from scratch with just epub in mind, then what you are saying applies, I think.