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    Multi-cam labelling


      At my job we make demo videos with a three camera set-up. The installer (who's on camera) will do the entire video in one shot, usually 10 minutes long. This then gets edited down to be posted online. After discovering and using the multi-cam sequence in Premiere, I realized that it would be immensely helpful to be able to set the label colors for each camera in the multi-cam sequence. Not just after the fact, by selecting the individual clip and changing the label, but having the color change as I toggle through the cameras.


      So for example, if I have my three cameras in a multi-cam sequence, I would go into the project settings, select Camera 1 to be green, Camera 2 to be pink, and Camera 3 to be yellow. Then as I cut and select the angle on the fly, the color of the clips would change in the timeline automatically, giving me a visual change to spot where I should add a transition.


      Is there a way to do this? Or a plug-in to make it possible?


      Also, just for your reference, I'm using Premiere v.6.0 on a PC.