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    In Cirrus, RTMFP, is there a limited number of connections for a single stream?

    GabrieliusFromTheBlock Level 1

      In this article it says the number of subscriber streams is limited by the maxPeerConnections property:

      "The NetConnection.maxPeerConnections property specifies the number of peer streams that are allowed to connect to the publisher. The default value is set to 8..."


      But I remember reading somewhere and believed for a long time that RTMFP implements this stream relay feature that creates this mesh of peers allowing unlimited stream connections and keeping a fixed publisher upload bandwidth.


      RTMFP with this feature would have no use of maxPeerConnections property, so is there no such feature?


      Unless... maxPeerConnections holds a number of maximum DIRECT connections and is NOT actually the maximum length of peerStreams array.


      Could somebody clarify this for me, please?