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      I am trying to build a flash page that loades images dynamically from a folder. I can do this part by using the loader component. The only thing that I need to do to take it an extra step is to have multiple images in a folder and be able to put images into that folder and have them dynamically populate on that flash page. So All I need to know is how to make the flash file read a folder and not just one image. So lets say I have a next and previous button and they will just read the first images to the last image and when images are put in the folder it will automatically read these images. I think I am making more out of this then what is needed. So here is what I have a flash file that is in a folder and in the folder is another folder that reads (IMAGES) and in this file I want to be able to put images that will dynamically be able to be read by clicking the next button and previous button. Can anyone help me with this. (I am willing to pay for time.)