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    Passing variables from 1 swf1 to swf2

    FlexyBoy Level 1

      I have an swf (swf1) which has a particular variable x.

      I want to use this variable "x" from swf1 into another swf2 (Note that swf 2 is trigerred when I click on a button on swf1)

      How do I code for this?

      My code is as follows (for swf1) :

      var url:URLRequest = new URLRequest(" http://......./swf2.swf");
      url.method = "POST";
      uv.x = x;
      url.data = uv;

      Code in swf2 is as follows:

      public function Init():void{

      var1 = Application.application.parameters.x;
      Alert.show(new String(var1));

      This does not work :(

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.