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    CS6 Photoshop saving double copies of files?


      Hello! Can someone please help me!


      I have two MACs, one runs cs3 photoshop and the other runs cs6 photoshop. I cannot figure out for the life of my why I can only save 614 images on my flashdrive when using cs6 and I can get almost 1900 files (from the same folder where the 614 files came from) on the same type of flash drive when I use cs3.


      Does cs6 store hidden copies of each file that I open and process? Or is the image size settings set larger than they are in cs3? Can anyone please advise or give any sense of direction on how I can get this figured out. It's becoming very costly having to use 2-3 customized flashdrives per client when I should only be using one per client!