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    Premiere Pro CC Problem With PNG MOV Quicktime Format

    TheMtyThor Level 1

      A While Back, i posted a problem with Premiere Pro CC that it would not open MOV with a PNG Type Format. the Error was always "There is No video or Audio Stream".


      Frustrated, i reverted back to Premiere Pro CS6 in which the files opened fine. i had Forgotten an effect i used in PRO CC so went pack in and surprisingly the files opened. I finished my Project and moved on until Last night, when editing, the same thing happened in Premiere Pro CC, it wouldnt impoort the PNG Format MOV files i have for traqnsitions (Rampant Media Color transistions) Curious, i again opened PPRO CS6, and low and Behold, when i re-opened PPRO CC, the files were read properly.


      So there appears to be some form of Bug in PPRO CC on a windows 7 64 bit Ultimate? i can reproduce this over and over againj. i am just throwing this out there incase this happens to anyone else. hope this helps, i hope Adobe Premiere Pro CC Engineers see this and can fix this bug. thanks, have a happy too da looo, i shall blow you a fanfare!