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    PPro CS6:  Source Monitor Dropping Frames

    hqhempen Level 1



      Currently I'm working off an iMac, OSC 10.8.4, 12 GB RAM, with i7, and ATI Radeon 1GB video card.  I haven't noticed it recently until today for some reason, but my source monitor keeps dropping frames like crazy after about 5 seconds of playback. 


      I've read other threads that recommend lower preview frame res, as well as playback res to 1/4.  I've tried that, allocated more memory to PPro (only 2GB left to other applications, yet PPro seems to only use 1.9GB during dropped frame playback), shut down other proccesses that might be consuming memory, switched PPro to enable better "Performance" in preferences, and rebooted several times. 


      I realized that it could be the source footage from the start:  1080p 23.976fps TIFF sequence. 


      How can I get PPro to actually use more than 1.9GB of memory during playback in order to get over this TIF hump?  Or does the real answer lie not in memory, but more processing power?


      Not a job-threatening situation, but just curious as to what it takes.