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    Disc Authoring in Jeopardy in New PrE Versions?

    the_wine_snob Level 9

      I realize that PrE is not part of Adobe's CC (Creative Cloud) family of apps, but Adobe Encore (the DVD/BD authoring application, included with Premiere Pro) is being dropped. It will not appear in the CC apps. Adobe has stated that the reason is that delivery of material on discs is dead, and not the wave of the future.


      Now, PrE is not Encore, BUT it relies on many of the same Sonic AuthorCore modules, as Encore does, er-r-r, well DID.


      Sonic is no more, bought out by Rovi, a streaming media distributor, and was killed. No more Sonic.


      I worry that this means that Adobe will drop DVD/BD authoring for PrE, if there is no more Sonic. Unless they bought, with a perpetual license, the Sonic AuthorCore modules, I am not sure that they will have access to them.


      For some more discussion, see this thread in the Adobe Encore Forum: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1237762?tstart=0


      Pay special attention to the replies from Neil Wilkes.


      Wonder what the future holds for PrE?