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    Sequences-Moving 2 separate sequences to a new timeline

    AlexH1995 Level 1

      I'm new to Adobe Premier Pro CS6.

      I created two separate sequences with two different interviews.

      I'd like to move them to one timeline to create one project.


      When I do, the video is zoomed in. It appears the settings are the same.

      So, someone suggeste "Scale to Frame Size."


      When I do, it fits, but the video is now blurry and there is a black edge around it.


      The two separate orignal timelines look just fine. It's only when they are copied & pasted on this

      new timeline that this happens.


      I've tried created a new bin and putting the original sequences in there. Same thing.

      Only when those sequences appear they are green and you cannot see the edits, but the video

      is still zoomed in.


      I've looked at turorials, but cannot find this.

      I would be thankful for any help.