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    I keep getting a message to upgrade my Display driver to NVDIA GT 320/PCLe/SSE23.0.0. I have update

    Alan A&J

      I keep getting a message to update my Display driver when I open Premier Elements even though I never changed it. I have uploaded the latest NVDIA GT 320 version. But it is still not working.

      The message reads Ge Force GT 320/ PCle/SSE23.0.0   Is this the old version or the new one they want me to update.  This is very fustrating because I have been using adobe elements for over 3 years and now i cannot use it . Yet all other programmes on my computer still seem to run video without problems.I have tried everything to get this to work including re loading adobe elements from my Discs.  I have read other bloggs but they do not seem to offer a solution.  All this began after I ran an AOL health check. Has it removed something from my computer.  Please give me some advice.