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    getting started with Flex Builder 2

      Hi I am new to Flex and I would like someone to point me in the right direction to getting started, i will be using this with coldfusion and mysql database, any easy tutorials/books for beginners...for setup?

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          Hi all estimable Adobe gurus!

          We have developed a project and used a library in the project called "asSQL-0.1alpha.swc". The project works in there where it has been compiled, but it does not work on the server or any other location. For example; it does not work through localhost when we use a patch such as " http://localhost/proje.html". It works only when we use an absolute path such as "c:\appserv\www\proje.html". And this problem occurs only when we add the SWC library into the project.

          So; when we add the SWC library into the Flex project, the project works only by entering the absoluth path and only where it has been compiled.

          We are looking for a solution. Could you help us providing a solution advice, please!

          Thanks in advance!