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    Multiple issues with Photoshop CC


      I'm having multiple issues with Photoshop CC.  I just installed it yesterday and all went well.  I began working on a project and discovered that the bracket keys no longer increased the brush size, but instead jumped from one brush to another.  The following day I tried to open the app and got a blank white window and a spinning beach ball.  It won't start.  I have a screenshot below.  Anyone else fix these issues?



      Screen Shot 2013-06-29 at 2.59.23 PM.png
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          Ryan_AH Level 1

          Fixed it.  This might be helpful to someone:


          The dialogue box, ironically, turned out to be the "Help Improve Adobe's Products" participation option.  It seems to have been a network issue with me where adobe just couldn't talk to it's server.  I turned off my wifi and restarted Photoshop.  The dialogue box came up again.  I was able to make my selection and it went away.  Photoshop started fine after that.


          The bracket key issue seems to have been related to my Wacom tablet.  I use an Intuos 5.  In the Wacom system preferences, I deleted my pen preferences specific to my old version of CS6 and then unplugged the tablet and restarted Photoshop.  All is fine now.